Chances of recovering headset left behind

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Chances of recovering headset left behind

I arrived on 598 from LAS-YYZ this afternoon. I stupidly left my Sony headset on the aircraft (was seated in 1D). Soon after clearing customs, I realized what I had done. At the domestic MLL, I mentioned this to the agent. She called the gate, but none had been reported and indicated that should submit a claim once I got to YYT, my final destination.

I called the concierge, who just called back confirming that nothing had been turned in, but that I should fine a claim when I got home.

I know I left the headset in its case on my seat. What are the chances they'll ever turn up. As I understood it from the concierge, the groomers would likely have found it, but it would have to go through customs....

I suppose a deplaning passenger could have grabbed them, but would anyone venture a comment on how likely I am to see them again? They were a gift from my wife, so I'm particularly bothered by my oversight.
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Expect that they're gone. While there are stories of some people getting their stuff back, that is the exception and not the norm.
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You could try the Lost and Found but likely takenby someone by now
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Email lost & found. I did the same thing two years ago and they mailed them to me within days.
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It depends on chance, and the honesty of the individual who finds the item.

For your amusement, here are the high-value items I've left on aircraft in the past couple of years, and the outcome:

1. Credit card left in my seat in J on United in Las Vegas. Returned to me by the pilot, who was hunting for me through the terminal. (I wrote an awesome letter to customer service over that one!)

2. iPad left in seat pocket in J on Air Canada in Chicago. Returned to me after an FA found it and turned it in to ticketing so I could pick it up a couple of days later upon my return.

3. Bose Headphones left in seat pocket in J on Austrian Airlines in Vienna. Never seen again. The airline doesn't deal with lost goods - whatever they find they turn into lost & found. I emailed lost & found and they never saw it.

In the two cases where items were returned, the airline notified ME before I even noticed the items were gone. It sure doesn't hurt to contact the airline and the airport lost & found, but the odds of the item turning up decline with each passing minute. Good luck!
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I had left my laptop in te security lane and picked up by Concierge who had to take it to Lost and Found as I had flown transborder
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Here's hoping for the best, though another FTer sadly didn't have good luck recovering their headphones left behind as noted in this thread.
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After having left my headset once (and got it back as i realzied soon after de-planeing) I now place it on my lap when the landing bell comes on. That way even if I'm distracted it falls to the floor and is noticed. Dumb but seems to work.
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Hey - I guess you can always hope, but considering Air Canada employees have been caught stealing in the past...
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I left my Bose headphones on a flight once. About 2 weeks later I got a call from the Bose store at Yorkdale Mall informing me that someone had turned them in. I had kept my receipt in the little pocket and someone obviously saw that I bought them in that store.

Thanks again, random stranger.
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