Guatemala City

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Guatemala City

On a recent flight from SJO (CR) to LAX there was stop in Guatemala City where we were subjected to third world theatrics that I haven't seen since trips to Northern China in the early 90's. Only the few deplaning passengers were allowed to leave the aircraft. The rest of us were told to sit in our assigned seats while an army of officials had us identify every bag, every coat or sweater, whether under the seat, in the overhead or the closet. It was Chaplinesque.

The advantage to sitting in Row 1 is that you witness the small dramas that take place forward. As an ex-Clunk driver from the 50's I know the jargon and most of the issues. On this same flight, two of the occupants in Row 1 were told to collect their belongings and leave the aircraft, the fellow beside me and a woman across the aisle. There was no explanation but the CA's were clearly upset. I said to one of the CA's "If you don't mind my asking, why were these people ordered off?" Her curt reply was "It's okay; it's not your affair", hardly reassuring. It turned out that both passengers were standby's. One was an off-duty CA and her buddies did not want to see her stranded in Guatemala City. When the captain returned to the cockpit, the CA's mobbed him and asked that the deplaned CA be allowed to ride the jumpseat. The captain refused saying "That could get me in BIG trouble". In the end, the two did return but to J and the CA's recovered their composure.
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Since I have already been told once today I don't understand what people have posted, I figure, nothing ventured nothing gained, but...

What is the point ofthis tale? Is it cautionary about flying through Guatamala City?
More to the point, why is this posted in this forum? Like, what does this have to do with Air Canada or even the late departed Canadian Airlines, neither of which fly into Guatamala City. And for those of us with a limited command of city codes, where is CJO, and what does (CR) stand for? What are CA's, if not Chartered Accountants? [Oh, could you mean Cabin Attendants?] And what is a "Clunk"?

Don't think me impertinent, but...
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Was wondering the exact same stuff!

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A CA is indeed a cabin attendent. A "Clunk" is a CF-100, the Canadian interceptor of the 50's and now, like me, a museum piece. The flight was on UA, a fellow member of AC in Star Alliance and I connected to AC in LAX. SJO is San Jose and CR is Costa Rica. And, yes, it's a cautionary tale to avoid Guatemala City if you can - it seems somewhat unpredictable. There are connections through DFW on AA or Mexico City on UA.

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