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I Don't Want To Be Ordered To Leave You People

I Don't Want To Be Ordered To Leave You People

Old Mar 31, 01, 5:55 pm
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I Don't Want To Be Ordered To Leave You People

I dropped into "Randy's" thread today and was so discouraged to read about the airline employees that have been reprimanded, discouraged or forbidden to post on FT.

I truly hope I don't get a call or letter from AC some day asking me to cease and desist my input on this board or have AC make a request that I refrain from participating in any forum.

I trust, with the time that has passed since my registration, that most of you know that I strive to post or respond with clarity or fact. I hope that AC recognises this and can endorse my presence with their silence, implying consent.

I don't want to go away. I like and respect you as airline warriors and as a vital source to keep me focused on the important things that ultimately benefit us both.

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Old Mar 31, 01, 6:21 pm
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A Flygirl,

I think I can speak for my fellow FlyerTalkers on this board when I say that we all value your contributions to this community very highly. Among other things, your posts are informative, interesting, reveal a character of open-mindedness, and demonstrate your loyalty to not only your employer, but to your customers as well.

I enjoy reading about your experiences and seeing your perspective on things. It's interesting just to learn more about what happens "on the other side of the check-in counter".

Thanks Flygirl! I too hope you'll get to stay.

A friend,
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Old Mar 31, 01, 7:47 pm
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I was reading those threads as well, and was hugely disapointed with the airlines responces.

I do hope that AC does not have the same small minded reaction.

I have really apreciated/enjoyed your posts and your removal from here would be a great loss to us all, and an even greater loss to AC goodwill from those of us on this board.

Keep your head down.

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Old Mar 31, 01, 7:52 pm
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Another example of how AC is totally removed from caring about it's Elite & SE members!

This really says it all. AC is not now, and will never be a caring company!
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Old Mar 31, 01, 7:53 pm
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AC hasn't done anything...
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Old Mar 31, 01, 7:55 pm
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One other point I have long suspected AC and some of it's employees of using secret police tactics by writing those 3 page write ups in mine and others PNR's and customer profile files.

But now if AC can find out which employee posts to this board, and orders then to stop, am I the only one who
still feels this way???
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Old Mar 31, 01, 8:00 pm
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AC has not done this... A Flygirl is making reference to what AA has done to RDURES1. Air Canada has done nothing like this, so far as I can tell...

Cool down Canadian, you're getting worked up over nothing.

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Old Mar 31, 01, 8:06 pm
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A FlyGirl,

I sincerely hope that AC doesn't go the same foolish route that AA and DL have gone, re their stopping employees from posting here. Your insights, helpfulness, friendliness, and just obvious devotion to your job, and that of helping your customers, both in flight and here, is a definite asset to AC, and here's hoping they value it as such. You and your associates that may be on this board, have done nothing to hurt AC by their being here, rather, if anything, they have shown how to win loyal passengers, and keep them.

Keep 'em flying!!! We're with you all the way.


'Tis better to have played and won, then never to have played at all.
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Old Mar 31, 01, 8:21 pm
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Originally posted by Canadian:
...secret police tactics...
Flyboy posting under another name?
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Old Mar 31, 01, 9:42 pm
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What's your problem Canadian???

A Flygirl: I along with many other FTers very much enjoy your presence (and also other employees such as Secret Agent) on the board and appreciate the information that you guys pass along to us.

I am sure those of us (including me) who've meet you in real person will find that you are one of the best person around to hang around with both as a friend and having you serve us onboard.

You can be assured that if AC decided to kick you off, then AC will defintely hear from many of us here!
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Old Mar 31, 01, 10:45 pm
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A Flygirl, I certainly hope that this won't be a growing trend where airlines forbid their employees to use this board.

I feel that it's a benefit to a corporation's image when employees use some of their leisure time to assist their customers with valuable advice and information. Why a manager would want to stop this sort of enhancement is beyond my understanding!

And what gives a company the right to dictate who you can or can't communicate with outside of work? It's not like any of the airline employees on this board are divulging "top secret" information.
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Old Apr 1, 01, 12:26 am
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I too would like to say how much I enjoy the wonderful list of airline employees who spend the time to interact with the flyers (customers) here on FT!

From the airline employees who post here, I have only met CPYVR, but from that exchange, I feel like I have a friend... It's great to have you folks with us here, and it would kill me if any one of you had to go... There is no question that I would fight for any one of you... You are a part of the FT-AC family now, and there is a loyalty that you have gained with me...

We'll be here for you!

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Old Apr 1, 01, 8:28 am
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For the record I'm not FlyBoy.

Secondly, I support Fly Girl's presence on this board. If even 50% of all AC Employees were to visit us even once a month imagine what an airline AC would be.

As for the comments regarding AC's secret police tactics, I don't think anyone can call them outragious. What is outragious is to have a airline that compiles negative information on it's PAX's when it is unwaranted.

O.K. let's have a vote everyone who wants AC to compile secret info on them please say yes!

Wasn't it just 2 weeks ago when someone was in YVR and had a 3 page addition to his PNR for simply changing a flight time???
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Old Apr 1, 01, 8:28 am
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Originally posted by Fisch:
From the airline employees who post here, I have only met CPYVR
Fisch, I am hurt and distraught. Did I mean nothing to you?

And thus far nothing has been said to me on the hangar floor. Let's hope it stays that way as I enjoy posting here and intend no harm on the reputation of my wonderful airline by being here. Smile Canadian!!
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Old Apr 1, 01, 9:52 am
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And we would certainly not want to lose the various airline employees we have posting. As others, I too find it a healthy dialogue, which permits both sides to better understand the worldview of the other. I met the person in question last weekend at Catman's Do3, and she was a most charming individual. However, I have not read her regular posts to determine if she crossed the line in the types of information she posted. I can understand any company being concerned when an employee speaks in a public forum, which is what FlyerTalk is. Most have very strict "No Comment" rules which limit any form of statement to appropriate "spokespersons". This is unfortunate, but in organizations with thousands of employees, quite understandable, and I believe an appropriate restriction that does not violates ons' Charter or First Amendment rights.

That said, a certain level of maturity should be reflected by the employee posting to show the understand both the limits of what proprietary/inisde information they can convey acceptably outside the company, and their demour in how they appear as an unofficial spokesperson of the company.

I sometimes wonder, however, if AC does have someone monitor the Forum. Quite honestly, I doubt it. It is just that kind of company that has shown in the past by its ongoing customer service problems [and the way it deals with too many of them] that it accepts outside criticism with much reluctance. I may be wrong. In any case, I do feel it is valuable for companies to monitor these boards, and use them as focus groups -- albeit not totally representative samples of their customers, they do reflect a fairly important sector -- in the way Starwood and Hilton have done.

Let's hope Mssrs Milton [at AC] Duschesne [at Seroplan] can be mature about it, and recognize the positive contributions of those AC's employees who participate, or just lurk, on FlyerTalk and similar boards. And the fine ambassadors they have proven to be.
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