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HateToFly Mar 19, 01 9:28 pm

Length of time for Ombud's reply?
I addressed a complaint to the OB last October. Still no response. Anybody have experience with how long it usually takes to get a response from the OB? It's starting to feel like getting a (non-)response from AC.

FlyerAl Mar 19, 01 9:32 pm

Welcome to the wonderful world of Canadian government agencies!

flaco Mar 20, 01 5:58 am

I once wrote to the OB office and received a reply quite quickly, but the reply was that my question should fist be addresed to Customer Relations.

Shareholder Mar 20, 01 7:25 am

You can always make a follow-up phone call. Obviously, they don't have their act together or they would at least send every correspondent a card indicating the letter has been received and what the anticipated response time might be for the particular type of complaint. But what would you expect from some guy who used to referee hockey? [No offence, Sparticus, if you are lurking on this forum. Can't compare ref'ing football to hockey.] Also, you should be more clear. I assume you are talking about Bruce Hood, and not AC's own internal Ombudsperson.

HateToFly Mar 20, 01 4:50 pm

Shareholder: yes, I should have been more clear. I was referring to the internal AC ombud.

Ken hAAmer Mar 21, 01 1:48 am

That being the case, you should probably resend the complaint via registered mail, with a cover letter explaining that it has already been sent some time ago, that you expect an acknowledgment of receipt within x business days, and an explanation of the anticipated response or action within x+y business days, and failing that, you will escalate it to the government agency.

Be very specific with dates, time and facts. If you don't recall the precise time or details then say so, but precision and accuracy will help your case in a big way.

HateToFly Mar 21, 01 10:25 pm

KH: good suggestion. And, yes, I have every detail re time and events, copies of relevant documents, and all that good stuff. Same as what I sent to the OB. So I guess I'll make copies of everything again and do the registered mail thing as you suggest.

What I was really interested in finding out is whether anyone else had experienced this sort of delay with the AC OB. It feels like the kind of treatment you get from AC HQ.

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