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Skyhawk Mar 20, 01 7:53 pm

Air Canada Washroom Art
You all might want to look at labour relations at work at AC CP. This was what I
came across in YOW last week after disembarking at gate 14.

While using the washroom facilities, I couldn't help but notice some of the scrawlings. "Canadian pilots to the back of the line " Below that "In your Dreams"

The rest were too rude or graphic to put here. People do not seem to be getting along.

The conspiracy theory would put this down to another airline, to make us feel uncomfortable with AC, and thus fly them.

A Flygirl Mar 21, 01 8:31 pm


I've just been through yow in the last day. I didn't hear anyone mentioned this tasteless graffiti but, if it exists (and I don't really doubt you), I feel comfortable in saying that the "author" was portraying a youthfulness that doesn't quite fill the circumference of his uniform hat. Rest assured, this individual is not the voice of the majority nor is he expressing the opinion of them - from either side.

The decision came down today from Mitchnick on what basis the seniority issue will be formulated. Initial intelligence leaked is that it will be on a ratio basis but the ratio has not been determined yet.

It's a bit sensational to assume that this hefty group of professionals are clawing at each others throats in washrooms or, God forbid, in the flight deck. Good relationships and even friendships are being built daily between the two work forces. We are really starting to come together because all of us realize it is inevitable.

You don't work for the you?

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