the fascinating MHD phenomenon

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the fascinating MHD phenomenon

I have been reading, with great interest, the many MHD experiences, and I have decided to remain a "lurker" no longer.

I'm a transplanted Canadian expatriate, living and working in the former Soviet Union. I travel to Canada about four times a year - during my travels I visit each of my parents - one lives in BC, the other in Ontario.

Having qualified for AC Elite for 2001 (finally), I spend much of my valuable spare time trying to dream up ways to cross those threshold bonuses and perhaps make it to SE. It is for this reason I am an avid reader of the MHD feeds, as it would be a convenient way to transit my YVR-YYZ travels and also reap the rewards.

How can I get started? Any information is greatly appreciated - I'm planning a trip to Canada in April and would like to make my first attempt at an MHD.
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Welcome to FlyerTalk, SkinnyJ!

The Mexican Hat Dance is a big topic. May I suggest first the following index to MHD topics?

Summary of MHD posts

Probably if you can post specific inquiries, people will be better able to provide assistance. Shareholder is doing his first MHD, so you might want to pay attention to his recent posts on the topic.

Though I have no experience with the MHD, I've been watching with interest. Yes, it's not easy to start, but basically you're off on the right direction as you know where you want to go (YVR-YYZ).

Probably the best piece of advice is to keep this in mind: while you are going from YVR-YYZ, from the point of fare calculation etc., you must think of it as going from YVR-Mexico with a stopover in YYZ on the way there.

First, just for reference price, out YVR-YYZ r/t in full Y and J. These will be in the several thousands of dollars range.

Now, you want to do a routing like YVR-YYZ (stopover)-MEX-LAX-YVR. For AC you must use AC/MX metal flights only. You should get a fare in the $1400-ish range (certainly under $2000). If you've done this part right, you've managed to take advantage of the fare "anomaly" that makes the MHD possible in the first place.

Next, you want to optimise your routing, adjusting flights, transfer points, timing, etc. Keep an eye on the fare. If you do something that causes the fare to spike back up to the thousands of $ range, then you'll know right away that you've made an MHD misstep and you'll have to backtrack. I'll leave this one to the veterans, like Ken hAAmer and BlondeBomber.

Once you have your itinerary all figured out, you can get it booked with AC or any travel agent of choice. Be sure to specify specific flights/times/dates etc. If the fare calculation comes out in the MHD range, then voila, you can get your ticket and you're well on your way to joining the club.


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Welcome aboard. Our family is growing in numbers and in geography...
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