Why are the Elite kits so cheap?

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Why are the Elite kits so cheap?

This may have been covered earlier on in previous threads, but...

Just imagine my dismay when I opened the new package, when I compare it to last year's

It feels like it must've costed them about a fifth of the price of last year's.

Nothing significant, but one of those little things that really makes a difference.

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...and here I thought that I was the only one who was disappointed by the quality of this year's kit compared to last year. Times are tough for AC. This is certainly a cost cutting measure. Yet it begs the question of nickle and diming your best customers.
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I was SuperElite this year and I was Elite last year. The SE kit I received seems considerably cheaper than last year's Elite kit.

However, my point of view is different. I applaud AC for reducing spending in this area. I think it's a total waste of money sending all this expensive glossy, printed matter. I'd be happy if they just sent the card and upgrade coupons, and offered the guide as a pdf document on their website.
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I too am not very interested in the quality of paper propaganda - however it would be nice if they threw in a gift or something, maybe a key chain if not something more useful.
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What about handcuffs? (see the thread on coupons and the new policy of greeting arrivals....)

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I agree totally with AfterBurner.

I think that after the first year's membership in a given level has passed, the airline should just send the member new bagtags and a membership card, and a link to a Acrobat PDF file that contains all the info for that year's membership level.

After the thrill of getting the fancy kit the first year has passed, who needs another one? Besides, a PDF file weighs a lot less that a booklet (for the purpose of carrying it around with you for the next 12 months).

If Air Canada provided an option on the profile page of the Aeroplan website to "opt out" of mailings (e.g. opt out of getting Super Elite statements every month, opt out of getting fancy kits each year), I think they would save a lot of money, because quite a few of us would choose to opt out.
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