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RE: YYC-HKT Routing

Thanks all of you for your suggestions!

RoninTech, don't even mention the SQ computer upgrade award seat bonanza. One of the few periods all year that I was away from an internet connection and look what I missed! I will likely moan about that for months to anyone who will listen!

Glad to hear my mini-RTW routing is valid. I realize that I will likely have to settle for LX J, but I thought the fact that the BKK-CDG will be a new TG A380 F "mini-suite" might partially make up for it. Maybe TG will up their service game (at least at first) on the new equipment? Of course there is always the risk the deployment of the A380 will be delayed on that route, but in that event, it would still likely be the Jet airways plane with suites, no?

All of this may be mout, however, as I have found availability in F for the return flight on both OZ and NH (and confimed with AE that the NH actually exists and is bookable). OZ via ICN fits better into my scheulde, but as I have never flown NH F and it seems harder to come by, I am tempted to take NH via NRT evn though the schedule is not quite as good, not to mention I would have to fly in/out of ORD and by a revenue ticket to get from ORD back to YYC to avoid backtracking.

I have read the threads online about NH F vs OZ F, and while both are excellent, FT'ers seem to give NH F the edge. This may be the wrong forum for the question, but do any of you have experience with both OZ F and NH F and can tell me if it is worth the inconvenience and extra cost of routing through ORD just to experience NH F?

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Yep, I'd definitely try OZ or NH F. Heard good things about both. I'd go with whichever works best for timing. Would that be from HKG to SFO still?

P.S. We were told going past YYC to ORD and then back was a no go but it likely depends on the agent you get.
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Originally Posted by okazon69
You are correct... sadly:


We’re sorry, but due to real-time availability, the itinerary you requested is no longer available.
Correct. That will stop happening within the windows I specified. I just used that approach a few weeks ago to fly YUL-MUC in LH F, then FRA-JFK on the A380 in F. Great experience, don't be discouraged, it's totally doable
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Originally Posted by RoninTech
Yep, I'd definitely try OZ or NH F. Heard good things about both. I'd go with whichever works best for timing. Would that be from HKG to SFO still?

P.S. We were told going past YYC to ORD and then back was a no go but it likely depends on the agent you get.
No, both would be via LAX.

Does the last bit of your post suggest that there is a chance of booking:


provided I get the right agent?

That would open up more options and the CXN ORD to YYC on the return is actually better than LAX-YYC....
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Hello everyone,
after booking a quite simple mini-RTW I am looking into booking a more complicated one in F(hopefully). Just wanted some help regarding rules/MPM as I am not too familiar with them...

Using Expert Flier, I found YEG-ICN 5MPM is 13473 and YEG-SIN being 14315.

If I wanted SIN to be my final destination, would YEG-ZRH(Stop)-ICN(Stop)-SIN be valid? Or is that backtracking? using GCmaps the miles for that is 13020, so under MPM...

If I were to have ICN be my final destination, YEG-ZRH-SIN-ICN is 13980... a little over 500 miles over MPM+5(according to GC Maps)...What are my options?

And for both routings, can I route back going Atlantic? My last one was flying TPAC and since I am looking for F I would love to try a couple different products... And if I could, how can I find a routing? Do I look for different city pairs and see if there is space available and a flight that leaves the city under 24 hours making it a layover? All the routings on AE if I look up ICN-YEG is of course showing me only TPAC routes, with SIN-YEG showing me TPAC routes except a SIN-LHR-YEG(On AC J) which I definitely do not want. I use Expert Flyer, ANA, FLISEA and AE website to look up routings. Currently do not use KVS as it is too confusing...

I would be fine with SIN-Europe-YEG or ICN-Europe-YEG if that is allowed, do not care really which city the connection in Europe has to be in. I'm trying to avoid the UA SIN-ORD-YEG currently.

Thanks in advance, but looking at some of these RTW segments that are booked, I am really interested in doing an advanced one this time... And would love some advice on how to do it!

Oh and my YEG-ZRH-SIN-ICN or YEG-ZRH-ICN-SIN is both only 6 segments, maybe max 7 if I throw in a connection between ICN-SIN or vice versa, but I probably will not. So I could have technically 2-3 segments on the way back from ICN or SIN.
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Standby earlier same day Singapore airlines?

Part way thru a mini RTW have a 425 pm flight J Class

ICN to SIN 8/6 at 400 PM but want to go on the 900. AM

Does Singapore Air allow this.

It's a first class 175000 point booking for 2
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Had no luck standing by for an earlier flight on a T+ ticket. Posted my experience here.
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I've never been able to do this on SQ personally. It always required a visit to the ticketing desk and having a new reservation made.
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For reward travel they will refer you back to AP....and AP will tell u that there must be O availability to make the change (oh plus the change fee)
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My experience with them has only been on revenue tix, always no problem
changing to earlier flight if space available. ( I often look for this on the
SIN-CGK-SIN route).
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I think people mistake and confuse the rules of an award booking. An award booking and a revenue booking are 2 different things. To make changes to award bookings you have to call the FFP through which the itinerary was booked as GHT has pointed out above, the airline has no obligation whatsoever to allow you to travel on an earlier flight.

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Originally Posted by global_happy_traveller
For reward travel they will refer you back to AP....and AP will tell u that there must be O availability to make the change (oh plus the change fee)
This is exactly true.

You might get away with a same day change on Air Canada Metal only with a $75 fee per ticket with no O availability restrictions - especially if the flight is near closed or ready to depart with empty seats.

Doubtful with others Star carriers though...
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I was able to do a same day change from a United HNL DEN YYZ to HNL YVR YYZ in December but it took a very helpful and accommodating United agent at least 30 minutes to get it done.
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I did a same day change on LH C award booking for 50 Eur.
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Misposted in the FAQ thread, so this seems like a better venue.

Constructing a mRTW and was wondering what the timing is for connections within the same country (other than in North America)... I know in the US/Canada it tends to be 3 hours, anything above that and it's a stopover.

EG. Is KIX-NRT (23 hour layover)-LAX, or must it be KIX-NRT (3-4 hours or next available)-LAX?

Any info is appreiciated.
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