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iron_mike Jan 4, 10 2:51 am

where's my elite package?
hi everyone -
just wondering if other e's have already received their packages in the mail. i made e before christmas and am still waiting - do i assume aeroplan takes xmas/nye off? (wink!)

i've just checked the aeroplan site, and next to 'your package was mailed on:' it's still blank.

does it matter that i've put a UK mailing address? i live in africa right now, but don't trust the post there enough!


dcottom Jan 4, 10 5:04 am

mine took 2+ weeks.... to a Canadian address....

Keep an eye out for the "mailed date" popping up on Aeroplan's site... in my case this appeared a few days after the envelope was in my mail box, thus it may give you an idea of when you can expect it to be waiting at your UK address for you.

Shareholder Jan 4, 10 6:47 am

Maybe you might want to check to notice that three or four other threads on this subject exists and the question is asked every day, so why another one just for yourself? If you made your selections just before Christmas, consider the logistics: maybe one-third of all elites (totalling 200K+) will have made their selection at that time. Christmas holidays started and most businesses have been shut down for almost half the days of the past week. The post office is still clearing Christmas backlog and will only be back to normal this week. So give AC's processor a break and realize it will take a couple of weeks to clear this backlog and get it into the postal system, then start on the batch that will get their notices later this week or early next.

Normally when one crosses an instant elite threshold it takes a week to get the invite to select and a week to process the package, and depending upon where you live in the country between three and seven days to arrive in the mail. Since the cards and certs are technically for the benefit year that starts on March 1st, AC still have almost two months to get the stuff to you.

Since you are using a UK mailing address, expect an additional week or two to get there. But at this time of year you are not going to get the same turnaround as for instant elite qualification so dcotton's experience cannot be used as a measure of what to expect. In past years its been between three and four weeks from making the selections, so in your case it may not be until late January. So I know you're in Africa and it may be harder than back here where the weather is -10C, but chill out man!

Clipper801 Jan 5, 10 8:22 am

Any one received the 2010 package yet?

My recollection has been that the 2009 package was despatched within 7~10 days after selection. This year, it took almost a week for the confirmation e-mail to arrive.

Has it been out-sourced to a different company this year?

airbus320 Jan 5, 10 8:31 am

I selected my benefits on the day they were announced.

I just checked the AE website and no date of mailing yet.

My parents used to say: patience is a virtue.... :)

blockerca Jan 5, 10 1:07 pm

Same here, selected a couple weeks ago and nothing yet.

TVTravels Jan 5, 10 3:41 pm

Picked my selection first day you could. Still waiting for my package.

I'm getting nervous as I'm flying to Asia next Tuesday and I need a SSWU for the return.

antirealist Jan 8, 10 4:34 am

Mailouts have started
Just noticed that my SE package was mailed on 7 Jan.

iron_mike Jan 8, 10 5:04 am

with credit due to aeroplan, here's an update:

just logged in and it says my package was mailed jan.6th. it's a little odd, because i logged in yesterday and saw nothing, but hey - at least it's in the mail! we'll see how long it takes to get over the ocean . . .


Tax Dude Jan 8, 10 7:34 am

Yup, both mine and Mrs. Tax Dude's were mailed Jan 7th too.

King Chung Huang Jan 8, 10 9:37 am

Mine says mailed January 7.

why fly Jan 8, 10 9:44 am

LOL now we wait for the posts WHERE is my mailman.

airbus320 Jan 8, 10 10:38 am

I just read this:

Your personalized privilege package has been mailed on: January 6, 2010

slashd0t Jan 8, 10 10:46 am

Your personalized privilege package has been mailed on: January 7, 2010


why fly Jan 8, 10 10:58 am

Jan 7th for me.

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