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Name on passpost matching ticket... question

I have never used my first name and have always gone by my second name. .. So my Aeroplan account is under "kodi smith' , as is my drivers licence and everything else, except my passport.

SO , as usual, my airline, aeroplan ticket has been issued under 'kodi smith'. I am flying internationally, and Air Canada is saying the ticket must match exactly to the passport.
Aeroplan agrees, and wants to charge me $95 to change the name on my ticket.

Do you think I should, or will 'kodi chase' be ok, as it usually is?
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I just went through this with AC and AE on a ticket for Mrs.acysb87.
The ticket was a revenue ticket that had the AE number on file,booked on-line .
I called AE and had them change the name to reflect what was on passport.i.e.Air Canada had issued ticket under the name Miss acysb87 and they corrected to Mrs.acysb87.(another scenario could be Bob vs.Robert in a male situation)
I then called AC to advise of the change and AC did the change on the spot and E-mailed me a copy of ticket to reflect the change at NO CHARGE.
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I travel between Canada and US and occationally UK. All my tickets have been issued in my middle name and last name (passport issued in First/middle/last name). I've never had a problem.

Oddly enough, I've had more questions when using my driver's license because Ontario uses only initials for the middle name.
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Interesting about AC. I called their websupport about a month ago and asked about the middle name on the ticket I was about to purchase. The woman I spoke to said she had not heard that the middle name or middle intial had to be on the ticket, in other words she said only the first and last name needed to be on the ticket, and then she said she flies all over the world on holidays and had never had a problem with just her first and last name on a ticket. At that point I told her that I was travelling to the USA and the TSA, (who most everyone know's) required the name exactly as it was on the passport. Her reply to me in a nasty voice was "who is the TSA" I responded telling her who the TSA was and what they do, her response was "well I don't work for the TSA I work for AC" at that point I realized that this woman was an idio..t, asked her name so I would have some reference in case I had a problem with ticketing, at that point she hung up on me. I was sort of surprised, but then again, I was dealing with AC.
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The USA is indeed a stickler for exact match of names.
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Get the name right just to be safe

Originally Posted by airbus320 View Post
The USA is indeed a stickler for exact match of names.
Also, make sure you check the "no" box on the 6059B form where it says:

"10a. The primary purpose of this trip is terrorism: Yes _ No_"
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Originally Posted by airbus320 View Post
The USA is indeed a stickler for exact match of names.
Not really. My tickets and customs forms always use "Tom", not the full spelling of my first name, and I never include my middle name or initial.

In hundreds of flights to the US and elsewhere, I have never yet been questioned about the difference, not by airlines, security staff, immigration or customs.
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As far as I can see from your post you have not mentioned which country you are travelling to . Some countries are more flexible than others with regard to 'obvious' name problems such as the middle name/first name swap , others are not . Back when I was in the industry I would always advise pax to ensure that the name on the ticket matched that on the passport , depending on where you are flying you may be better to bite the bullet and pay for the name change . Some countries permit ( or used to permit , I am not sure in these security conscious days whether they still do ) an endorsement in the passport to say 'also known as .......' does the country which issued your passport permit this ?
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Originally Posted by airbus320 View Post
The USA is indeed a stickler for exact match of names.
Officially, yes. In practice, they're not being stupid about it. They're not going to bat an eyelash if there's a first/middle name flip, or Mike vs. Michael, etc.

Now, if your ticket says "Buzz Aldrin" and your passport says "Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr." (to pick a random example out of the air ), you may need to be ready for an argument.
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I've never had a problem with name matching even though all my tickets are issued with just my first and last name, but my FF cards do have a middle initial. My passport has first and last name only, but my NEXUS card has my middle name. Since the NEXUS card is never looked at, it has never been in conflict with my passport, even when it was issued. And AE has never kicked up a problem by my not using the middle initial on my AC or any other airline tickets/flights.

I do suppose it is a major issue if you alternately make use of a first or middle name and there is an inconsistency as a result.
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In practical terms if your passport says Peter Michael Roberts and your ticket says Mike Roberts then the TSA is probably going to look at it and figure that you use Mike as a common name. If they question it and you have other documentation that shows that you use Mike all the time they would probably let you go. If, on the other hand, your passport says Peter Michael Roberts but your ticket says Pete Sampras you could have a problem.

The fact that there is a spot on the Nexus application to list nick names leads one to believe that they are aware that people often go by a short form of their name , however I don't think you would have much success convincing them that "Shooter" is an appropriate nick name for travel documents
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My first name is Marie-Therese but I go by Therese. Once, Aeroplan was tardy to credit the mileage accrued and when queried, I was told I did not use the full name on the ticket. The agent had booked me as Therese and my aeroplan says Marie-Therese! I was also told they were surprised I was allowed to fly with the shortened name! I had to forward documents to prove I was the same person!!

Pre 9/11, my tickets always read Therese only.
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Secure Flight: Air Canada now a participant

What was, was.

You can argue with Aeroplan all you want, however, if you intend to board a plane to/from/within the USA, be prepared to have your ticket/boarding pass match your official photo ID exactly:


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Yes the Americans are easily excitable and very paranoid these days

My real name is different from my common name which is different from my nick name. I have my passport in a formal name, my airline tickets in my common name and my credit cards and other stuff with my nick name. I don’t have problems with the homeland security as I talk fast and use big words and can easily confuse them and then say USA #1 and they let me through.

My master plan is simple….if I ever mess up and I mean really mess up, I should be charged with my common name and then after the conviction I will appeal as they charged the wrong guy!!!
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Thank you all so much. I think I'll gamble on them having half a brain and let it go.
I am not doubting the use of a middle initial ... I don't think that's ever really a problem... well maybe it is if going to the US now.

My middle name is very clearly on the ticket and passport...

My passport says Jane Kodi Smith, my ticket says Kodi Smith
I also can show my drivers licence that says Kodi Smith
Kodi Smith is the name I use. My passport is the only document that lists my full name. Oh and my Ontario Health Card, because they insisted on using my full name against my wishes.

I am going to South America, and won't be travelling through the US at all.
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