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US to Seychelles-Do I add CPT or just enjoy the stopover in Dubai

US to Seychelles-Do I add CPT or just enjoy the stopover in Dubai

Old Dec 1, 18, 5:37 pm
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US to Seychelles-Do I add CPT or just enjoy the stopover in Dubai

Turning 40 in a few months. Was planning a trip to Seychelles and need to nail down everything within the next week. I have 15 days for this trip.

Originally was going solo, now a friend of mine (who realllly wants to see Dubai) is joining. I travel solo internationally usually twice a year; she's never traveled outside of the US.

Anyways, plan was to do a 24 hour layover in Dubai on the way to Seychelles so my friend and I can see a little bit of Dubai. We will also do another 24 hour layover on the return leg back through Dubai. Originally I was going to do shorter layovers in DXB but since she's joining me I want her to be able to see more of Dubai although it won't be much.

My dilemma is this: With 15 days I'm not sure I can do my original plan of both Seychelles and Cape Town. Especially with doing 2 24 hour layovers in Dubai. I realllly really want to go to Cape Town but I also don't want to be running around like a mad woman; I'm used to doing that but just don't want it for this birthday trip. I don't want to give up Cape Town but was thinking maybe I should just make this into a Dubai/Seychelles trip now. Maybe we should do the first maybe 4 days in Dubai and do the rest of the trip in Seychelles.

My original plan of including Cape Town means that 9 hour or so flight from Seychelles to Cape Town and then another 9 hours back into Dubai. I've never been to Dubai or Africa before and I'm a pretty indecisive person. I'm just starting to feel like I may be overdoing by trying to do Seychelles and Cape Town with two 24 hour layovers in Dubai on this trip. I was thinking maybe next time I go to Africa do Cape Town and the Garden Route. I think if I exclude Cape Town this time, at least I'll still get in a "city" trip by doing Dubai (I don't think I could stay on islands for like an entire two weeks fyi; after about a week I'm wishing I would have combined it with a city trip so I am able to "do" more if that makes any sense at all).

So. Thoughts? Try to do both Seychelles and CPT with the two Dubai layovers? Or scratch CPT off entirely?

No clue when I'll make it to Africa again. But if I'm motivated enough I'll make it a priority although like I said I usually only travel internationally twice a year right now (full time employee with 4 weeks of vacation).
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Old Dec 2, 18, 1:44 am
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Hi, okay, so I may be biased here but how about the following suggestion:
Go through Dubai and onward to either Cape Town or Seychelles - a week on the island is enough and a few days in the Cape winelands would be a great combo. Then, on your return, do 2 days in Dubai. That way, you get an island experience, and Cape Town really has a lot to offer with Dubai being the shopping / desert / wow end to your trip.
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Old Dec 5, 18, 9:44 pm
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Seems a bit ambitious to me to do all three. I'm guessing you realize that it is 5000 km from Capetown to the Seychelles. I have been to all three and although things may have changed from 3 years ago, I recall there was no non stop flight from CPT to SEZ....(as I looked into doing this). so you are looking at a whole day spent travelling from one to the other. IMHO you could easily spend 2 weeks in the Seychelles (went to Mahe, Praslin and La Digue) . I also did a 3 day stopover in Dubai. Frankly I would never go back. I suppose if you like high end shopping malls that you can find anywhere in the world it's ok. Beaches in Seychelles are nicer than Dubai. Anyways to each their own... 2 of the 3 seems more reasonable given the time frame. Capetown is wonderful and frankly so are many parts of South Africa- deserves a trip all on its own.
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Old Dec 6, 18, 12:25 pm
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Cape Town is amazing, definitely worth a visit. On the other hand I find Dubai rather boring, highly overrated - and expensive. Sure, its great to take a selfie at Burj Khalifa, but to me that's about it. You go for the sake of being able to tick it off a list and that's all. And if you have a full day there, it's enough to go up in Burj Khalifa (make sure to go early morning, buy tickets online in advance), then visit mall of Dubai at the foot of Burj Khalifa and perhaps spend a few hours at the beach overlooking Burj Al Arab. Shopping in Dubai is very expensive.
Never been to Seychelles, but I personally get bored after spending the first few days on a beach. Of course we aren't all the same.

I would skip DXB and do Cape Town, but not sure it's an option for you? Alternatively make a SA trip alone as you mention. SA is a fantastic place to visit, can only recommend it.

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Old Dec 12, 18, 5:41 pm
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Having done a couple of stopovers in Dubai I have a bit of experience.Two things that come quickly to mind for a short stopover are the Mall of Dubai and an afternoon/evening of "dune bashing".Dubai is a city so intense that 24 hours is only long enough to get a very quick taste...IMO.

The Mall of Dubai is interesting for many reason,one of which is the valet parking area which is located right at the front entrance. Bugattis, Ferraris and Rolls Royces lined up,one after the other.The one time I encountered a Bugatti Veyron Vittess was at that very place.Dune bashing? Just look it up on youtube. Fascinating and fun to say the least!
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