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ranles May 1, 17 4:42 pm

Clothes, SA, Botwana, Zambabwe
Almost all done. Less that 2 weeks before departure. Will be packing soon.

Main issue is long sleeve only or short sleeve, too. We know we will need to layer (have long sleeve). Three nights in each of three locations. The first near Kruger. The second and third are near Chobe and Hwange, both drivable from Vic Falls (general location reference). 2 days in Vic Falls and three days in Johannesburg round out our trip.

It is May middle two end. We will use sunscreen but are quite fair. We will be using deet. We will be taking malaria pills. Doing two safaris per day (one in a boat). Temps are hot enough day time for short sleeves, but am concerned about safety. Any issues wearing T-shirts? We will be wearing long pants.

Second issue. On safari, is color important. Lots of talk about wearing earth tones, yet in the pictures I see, not much adherence to that. We do not want to be a problem.

Any other general suggestions? We will have camera, 2 lenses, binoculars, (light ponchos, head nets, in case), flashlight, 2 hats, one with tiedown, Kindle, sport shoes and meds. We are still deciding on volume, to pack for no laundry necessary, or take smaller suitcases and submit laundry at the camps. 44# (20K) is actually quite generous for our flights in country. That would mean 2 large suitcases(one each, of about 40 #'s) and two smallish back packs.

We appreciate any assistance. Early responses please.

Skatering May 2, 17 10:54 am

I did a late April safari in Kruger. I'm unsure what safety issue you're talking about with t-shirts. If it's mosquitos, they're more of a night time thing. I wasn't bitten at all using Deet.

Never heard of earth tones...I just wore what I was comfortable with. I would wear summer attire with plenty of sunblock, regularly reapplying. I did 6am-1pm safaris and put sunblock on but left it in the lodge, and by 10:30am I was covering myself with a blanket because I could feel myself burning again.

In terms of packing, it's entirely down to personal preference. If you have valuables, make sure you don't check them.

johan rebel May 2, 17 2:36 pm

Originally Posted by ranles (Post 28253761)
Any issues wearing T-shirts?

I wear short-sleeved summer shirts, simply because the collar protects the neck from the sun.

Originally Posted by ranles (Post 28253761)
On safari, is color important. Lots of talk about wearing earth tones.

When walking in the bush color is very important. If in a vehicle or on a boat, anything goes.


ranles May 7, 17 9:46 pm

Thank you.

I get mossy bites here in Escondido, lots in Australia, Arizona, Texas (you get the point) and therefore was unsure if I needed long sleeve shirts all day, safari or not, while in Africa. It will likely be in the 80's mid day in Botswana and Zimbabwe. We will be using deet, sunscreen and will NOT be in shorts. T-shirts are nice when the temps are in the 80'S. It is not a bite I fear, just the ones that cause major problems.

johan rebel May 8, 17 11:21 am

Any insect that feeds on blood will pick on me in preference to anybody else. I'm a magnet for bloodsuckers. Even so, I don't take malaria pills, do not use repellants, and go around barefoot, in shorts and short sleeves. I find mosquitoes far less of a problem in Africa than elsewhere. For one thing, the African ones are almost exclusively nocturnal.


theassassin May 8, 17 7:15 pm

It will be cold at night, particularly if you are on an evening or night drive in an open vehicle, so would pack some warm and windproof gear.

T shirts and shorts are fine during the day. We are going to the same area in late June and will be taking mostly subdued coloured gear with layers to deal with the cold in morning and night and which can be taken off as the day warms up.

johan rebel May 9, 17 12:56 pm

Originally Posted by theassassin (Post 28285876)
It will be cold at night, particularly if you are on an evening or night drive in an open vehicle, so would pack some warm and windproof gear.

True, game drives can be a really miserable experience if you are chilled to the bone.

I use the following rule of thumb for open vehicle game drives:

- If it is sunny, not too windy and at least 20C, short sleeves and shorts are fine.

-If it is cloudy, windy, or under 20C, bring extra layers so you have the flexibility to adapt to the prevailing circumstances. A sweater + a windbreaker with a hood will do the trick. Remember that your head is most exposed of all, and has a large surface area. A warm beanie may even be called for on chilly night drives. The legs are least exposed to the wind, and any lodge worth its salt will provide blankets on the vehicle, so shorts will usually suffice even on night drives.

On walks, short sleeves and shorts will be fine even if the temperature is below 10C at sunrise. It will warm up soon enough.


ranles Jun 2, 17 3:47 pm

Good call all. Color was no issue on game drives and boat drives.

We were glad we brought gloves, and wish we had brought knit cap (pulldown over ears type). This is especially true for the times AM and PM when it is dark and the game vehicle is going faster on more open roads to get to a National Park or back from one. Monwana, in Thornybush, gave us blankets and hot water bottles in the AM. Sable Sands gave us cloth ponchos to wear.

We did not wear shorts...age, sun, cold, need for long pants sometime along the drive period.

All our camps provided bug repellant. Sunscreen needed to be reapplied, especially on your neck mid AM drive.

Only one of our stays did not have heating and cooling in the rooms

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