Quick review IAD-DUB

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Quick review IAD-DUB

I just wanted to give a quick review of our flights IAD-DUB and DUB-IAD. This was a group trip for about 24, and we purchased the Smart fares, meaning we could take a checked bag and a personal item under 22lbs.
Tickets: Smart Fares- individual reservations (the group fares were actually higher cost by about $50/person- not sure why and they didn't include luggage either). 4 people bid on upgrades, 2 got upgrades, 2 not successful. I got my husband and I upgraded with a bid of $510/person
Check-in: Quick and easy at IAD. Made our way to Turkish Airlines as we are priority pass and can take a guest in. BA lounge was offered, but they only have beer and wine and no real food.
Boarding: business class first, then the first 4 rows, then everyone else. It was orderly, everyone got their overhead space, and it was about 3/4 filled. Hint, if you want the seat between you open, pick further back of the plane. Up to about row 20, every middle seat was taken, as beyond that, there were a ton of open middle seats.
Flight- No pre departure drinks offered in bus. It took exactly 1:36 minutes after push back we got offered anything. No water at seats, and had to get up twice after the chimes to get water as we were all parched. They were extremely slow to get going in the galley. There was a 13 minute tarmack delay, so about 1:15 after takeoff we were finally offered a beverage which I consider not good. Dinner was steak, and it was one of the better meals I've had. We finished meal service 3 hours after takeoff and they turned down the lights. I consider that kind of slow, as it's a short flight and was hoping for more sleep. Next time i'll eat in the terminal and skip the meal. Coach had curry chicken or pasta. All my group said it was good. They were NOT offered a free wine or beer with dinner- that was only for sale. Business seats seemed new. Didn't like having to climb over hubby everytime I got out, but I'm guessing they didn't have that many options with a 757. The seats are lie flat 180, no slanting. The throne seats had tons of storage, the doubles not so much.
Arrival: orderly, funneled to customs and then baggage. It was pretty quick from touchdown to getting to rental cars.
Rental cars: all pickups are in the terminal, drop offs are slightly off-site and you get a shuttle to get you to the terminals. We were with Hertz and they were a bit pushy on the insurance. I had to get a little edgy and told them to bugger off on the insurance since i'm covered with my credit cards. After that, they were fine.
Return flight:
Check-in: easy peasy, tons of kiosks and no wait to drop off your bags. This time everyone was in coach and 2 folks bid $650 and $725 and were both unsuccessful. Security was quick- we were in the loop within 5 minutes. We did check in 3h before flight. The loop is good- tons of options for both eating and shopping. I proceeded to T2 using my PP and checkin was easy. It wasn't crowded, they had continental breakfast with the normal stuff. There was an automated coffee machine, baileys, and jamison for your irish coffee. There was no sparkling wine. Water was a tap with both sparking and still water. Pre-clearance for CBP: we left the lounge 1.25h before takeoff, and there was zero line- 5 min tops. There is a tiny duty free shop and a little cafe with drinks and light snacks. Honestly, I would have waited until an hour out before leaving the lounge.
Boarding: same as departure. uneventful and pretty quick
Flight: no water offered the entire flight- had to get up and get it. they came through once for beverage and had to ask for 4 waters, as they only fill up a 6oz cup half way with water. Really???? why are they rationing water???? Meal was 2.5 hours in, chicken or pasta. chicken was good, my seatmate only got through 1/2 her pasta. The seats were really tight and not in good repair. The seat in front of me was broken and would not sit up- just in recline. FA asked if I wanted to move after working on it for 5 minutes, but I was fine with it. I'm 5'9 and yes, it was tight but I didn't feel like relocating to a middle seat. also, the armrest on my window side was broken and the top was missing, so I had to put my coat over it so my elbow wasn't sitting on metal. My husbands seat was not fastened to the seat frame and kept coming off and moving. Seats were very tight- tighter than Delta. They went through with another beverage service about an hour before landing and passed out a box with a small ham sandwich and a brownie. Both fine, but again, why the water rationing?? again had to ask for 4 waters to get 12 oz of water. Next time, i'll bring in an empty bottle and fill it before boarding.
Arrivals: effortless. bag pickup and leave. just like any domestic. We all liked skipping the stupid moving trams for international.

overall, planes were in need of repairs. Service needs major improvements, at least get passengers water more frequently both in bus and coach. Same with business- 1.5 before first beverage service? At least pass out some waters or have them on the seats when you get on the plane. Planes were pretty rundown in coach- they need minor repairs with broken tray tables, seats, and one bathroom had to be closed as it wasn't flushing. business seats looked new and were fine for the 6-8 hour flight.
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Yeah lack of water in economy is bad, I always bring my own if in economy. Surprised by business lack of beverage service, never had that issue, usually water in the seat but I've never flown the leased 757s. They are on the way out when the new A321LRs arrive. I'm guessing that's why they haven't been fixed up much.
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