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Aer club login

I think I am doing something wrong when resetting my password.
I get the email reset link and follow the instructions. However it will not let me in.
Any ideas guys/girls?
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This may not solve the problem but anyway check these first.

First: reset password on Aerclub site, not Avios site.

Then of course make sure sure you have at least one upper case, one lower case, one number and one “special” character in the password.

Also make certain that the new password is not one that you used, or even TRIED to use before. If you try to reuse one you won’t get an error message but it still won’t work.

Then make sure to use new password on BOTH sites. If you continue to use the old one on either site you will lock yourself out and the cycle starts again.

Again, this may not solve the problem but start here. Especially note to use the right website and don’t reuse passwords, they are the two most common issues.
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For anyone else that finds this thread and is still having issues - there appear to be unspecified invalid special character restrictions.

(1) Attempt password reset on Aerclub site
(2) Limit your new password to only 1 special character
(3) If the reset doesn't work try again, but use a different single special character this time
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Hi - i have had to reset my own password a few times - and it only gave me problems the first time, when i did it via the Aer Lingus website. After chatting to the AerClub desk, they advised doing the password change directly on the Avios site, as this is used for authentication purposes by the AerClub section of the Aer Lingus site. Since taking this advice, both myself and my wife have changed passwords a number of times without problems.
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I've been having this problem for a while now. The couple of times over the last few months I phoned AerLingus for assistance, I've been told their website is having issues - try again later.
I don't have an Avios account because that was closed down.
Do other people still experience this login failure and password-reset failure?
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Originally Posted by eiflyer View Post
I think I am doing something wrong when resetting my password.
I get the email reset link and follow the instructions. However, it will not let me in.
Any ideas guys/girls?
I am suffering this exact problem. I have followed the advice of others on the thread of limiting special characters which didn't work and also tried resetting my password on the Avios website, but that seems to think I don't exist.

I called the Aer Club helpdesk and they advised me to fire off an email to [email protected]. I am awaiting their response.
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