A321 Seatmap

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A321 Seatmap

Hi All,

First time in Athens, and flying back to London on A3 for the first time.

The plane is supposed to be an A321, but the Seatguru seatmap and the airline seatmap indications of where the exit rows are conflict. On Seatguru, rows 10 and 24 are showing as exit rows.

However, the A3 website and ExpertFlyer show rows 11 and 26 as the exit rows.

Which is correct?

If it is indeed rows 11 and 26, do they both have roughly the same amount of extra legroom, or is row 11 better for legroom than 26?

Thanks in advance.
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Seatguru is outdated on many seating plans. I'd trust the A3 website and ExpertFlyer. Also, not all A321 models have exactly the same seating layout (At least not at the front).

As A3 charges a fee for the exit rows these should be marked as such, expertflyer should also include a note that these are paid-for seats.

I'll let someone else comment on which of the two would be better - I generally try to sit as close to the front myself (rather than exit rows), so I don't have personal experience on them.

I did find this trip report. It shows a picture of row 9 and 10. I't say that based on that picture the windows seat at the second row of the first set of exit doors may the your best bet.

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Row 10 is the one with just two seats (A and F are missing) and is directly adjacent to the door and is officially an exit row. There is around 2m of space between this row and the one in front. Row 11 might also be classed as an exit row, especially for setas 11A and 11F as these seats have no seat in front so you have plenty of legroom but nowhere to stow anything. If the A3 seat map were wrong then there'd be pax. with nowhere to sit! 11A and 11F would be my preferred seats. They DO have a window and you have direct aisle access in front of you. 11 BCDE probably have the same legroom as row 26 (maybe 1cm more) and are NOT classified as exit row seats,

I'm not sure about the row numbers for the exits further back but they're probably correct too,

EDIT: Looking at the online seatmap for an upcoming journey, the Aegean A321 is missing row 9 - which is probably where Seatguru have gone wrong.

10B and 10C: https://traveluxblog.files.wordpress...an-economy.jpg
10D: https://traveluxblog.files.wordpress...an-economy.jpg
Rows 10 and 11: https://photos.flight-report.com/med...968FSXJ/42.jpg
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