Thread Idea - Codeshare Mapping

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Thread Idea - Codeshare Mapping

Hi all,

Just an idea but how about having a sticky (or non-sticky) where we can post our experiences of codeshare mappings? Might be useful in providing some ideas for booking mileage runs etc.

An example format (from a recent trip) might be as follows:

SQ W (70%) - NZ V (70%)

First would be original booking class and airline and the second the mapped booking class and airline.

What do you think? I would find this very useful!

Apologies if this or something like it already exists. I did look but couldn't see anything.
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The problem is, it varies by fare basis. One fare basis might have UA V map to NZ V, another night have UA V go to UA W. The only way to know for sure is not to book a codeshare. The next best thing is to use ExpertFlyer to check the mapping of the fare.
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pewpew is correct, especially when taking Murphy's law into consideration...
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Ah ok - thanks.

I didn't know it worked that way but I am pretty sure I have seen fare tables in the past which equate a fare on one airline to another but that might be an exception (or I may have remembered wrong!)

I also didn't know that ExpertFlyer offered that functionality. I assume it is paid?

For those who don't travel enough to use ExpertFlyer and may want a very rough guide, do you think there is any value in what I proposed, even if only as a guideline with a big disclaimer or as a trial and error kind of thing? I wouldn't be offended if you thought it wasn't!
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from recent experience, UA K (int flights) codeshare maps as AC K (50% miles on ultra cheap longhaul + transborder flights)
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In my recent trip, A3(S) mapped to LH(S).
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How to use experflyer to check the mapping?
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