Cannot credit a business-class flight, error

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Cannot credit a business-class flight, error

So I got this error after trying to credit a flight from January:
95-Your request has been rejected. Please check the details, request again or contact us.

I had one leg of the flight IST - JFK credited. By the first part of the flight, IKA - IST, won't be credited. Called A3 and they said to get the boarding pass. Has anyone ever had this issue and tried to push for it? I have the flight ticket, and can retrieve it but not the boarding pass Is it worth escalating?
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There are several potential reasons for the failure: there's a maximum of six months within which you can retro-credit a flight, and you are, perhaps, perhaps beyond it. Moreover, for all fidelity programs that I'm aware of, a BC is mandatory for retrocrediting. Also, have you checked the fare basis that particular flight was booked in, or was it a code-share? Finally, your question of whether it's worth escalating, only you can know whether you absolutely need these miles. A couple of years ago I let go >4.5 K miles flown on AZ because FB needed the boarding card which had disappeared mysteriously.
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It looks like you were retro-crediting rather than just letting it credit automatically. Are you sure you typed in everything correctly? Once you get one bit wrong it just won't work online and won't let you retry. The system is VERY fussy about flight number, for example, I've found that two digit Olympic flights number have to be entered as either three digit numbers in the retro claim form (OA064 instead of OA64). Could it be something as simple as that?

As for claims that are simply denied for no apparent reason - I had a similar problem a couple of years ago with an SAS flight. the middle leg of a 3 leg itinerary just wouldn't credit. I had no boarding cards but I managed to get A3 to keep pressing SAS and persistence paid off - it eventually credited about 4 months later. Crazily, the initial response from SAS was "We don't operate a flight to Krakow". They did (and it WAS mainline too) - I am absolutely 100% sure where I flew to, SAS!

Aren't boarding cards almost a thing of the past now anyway? I very rarely have one these days with OLCI. I tend to still have an electronic copy of most in my phone, but does that really prove anything? Give me 15 minutes in Photoshop and I can 'prove' to you that I was on any flight you like.
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They generally accept a screenshot of digital BP as well, or, simply the PDF file if you did OLCI using a regular PC.
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