Seat next to gold members blocked?

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Seat next to gold members blocked?

Hello everyone!
Maybe this is a stupid question but if not, this would be the right place to put it anyway
During the last months even when I fly in almost full flights the seat next to me is always empty. Do you think it's possible A3 blocks the seats next to *G or would that just be wishful thinking?
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Happens to me too: in 3 out of four flights, the seat is empty. I don't think that they block it, but it's one of the last to go. The test to perform would be to check-in on line, and then have somebody without status check the seat after you. I could try this with my wife if traveling on a different PNR, but if the seat is indeed "blocked", she'll give me a hard time
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A friend of mine tells me that check in staff are told not to assign the middle row next to a Gold member unless its needed. This is not always consistant and they cant control if someone specifically asks for the seat during the OLCI process. A polite request at check in usually works
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there's nothing like "seat blocking" for A3 Gold...let's not create myths here...
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I am yet to see a *G card that doesn't produce the '+' on the check-in software used by LH/SN/BD/OS leading to the middle seat being blocked.
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However not all *A airlines recognise *G from the membership number. On a recent Austrian flight where our A3 numbers were entered into the booming, my A3*G showed on the BP (printed the check in agent had swiped my A3*G card) but my daughter's BP (card not provided) showed A3P (P for programme) - and she is also A3*G. There is also evidence of this in posts in other *A fora.

We did not risk the seat block and sat in D and E seats, but maybe we should have selected D and F and seen if the block worked!
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