Ibis North Limoges - A warning.

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Ibis North Limoges - A warning.

Ibis North Limoges - A warning.

We had stayed at this Ibis last in January, and as they were doing extensive renovations at this time, we booked again to see the results. The web site showed that there were two types of room, a “superior” with tea and coffee and extra space, and a standard. We booked the standard room, hoping that our previous stays and our Platinum recognition would grant us the room upgrade on our arrival. There were 9 “superior” rooms and we had booked on a quite night, so we thought our upgrade chances were likely to be good.

On arrival we found the only member of staff on duty in the kitchen / restaurant area (there was a sign stating that the reception was un manned and to look in the restaurant) and she seemed annoyed when we asked if she worked at the hotel, as she was not wearing any recognisable uniform or identity badge. She was cleaning the display fridge with her fingernails – presumably removing labels or spots from the glass.

We asked if we could check in, and she returned to the reception area. We asked if there was a possibility of a room upgrade, and we were told abruptly that there was no possibility as all the “superior” rooms were unavailable due to lack of cleaning staff, and that they were all dirty. We were given one drink voucher.

I then asked if the hotel could store my insulin for me as there was not a fridge in the normal standard rooms, and she took the insulin and said that she understood it should be placed in the fridge.

We then went to the room. The room was a standard ibis but had a dirty carpet that look like it had not been replaced since before the renovations. It was not a good room with views over the adjoining hotel.

In the morning, at reception, a gentleman was manning the area. I asked for my insulin from the fridge and he produced it. However it was frozen, and dead. I asked to speak to the manager, and was told that the manager was away on holiday and uncontactable until the following Monday.

However this member of staff took it into his hands to deal with the matter with my husband, as I was in a state of shock and disbelief in the actions of the person the night before. He said that the reception worker had not realise that the insulin was not supposed to be in the freezer when he handed it back, and apologises, but he had not put it in there. The cooling blocks that we carry were also completely frozen solid. He said that his wife was a nurse and he understood about the potential seriousness of the frozen insulin.

The reception worker (also not in any Ibis uniform or with any name or identifying badge) phoned a local pharmacy for us and arranged to have the insulin replaced. This was a massive relief. I confirmed that the costs for this would be paid back by the hotel, and he said that it would be free of charge at the pharmacy, and that they would refund the costs of our stay that night. We had paid in points and in money, about €50, so my husband said 4 000 points would be acceptable and he agreed. (as we did not have any time to take breakfast).

We found the pharmacy, and after a long discussion and reluctance from them (it was 6 boxes of insulin – I needed this as we are away from my Drs for three months) they found the replacement. However it was not free to change and cost us € 240, which was most of our cash travel money for this part of our trip.

On the return to the hotel (this had taken now over three hours) the reception man could not refund us in cash, as he did not have the authority to do so. This was despite him telling us that the hotel would refund us when we were at the pharmacy if we gave them a receipt, so they could claim on the hotel insurance. We could wait until the manager returned (Monday – this was Friday morning) or accept a maximum of 10 000 points and the rest to be sent later. This was not as expected and really not a solution. This had used a lot of our travel time, and our cash. However he was quite insistent that there was no other way.

Clearly the position was now forced upon us to accept a part refund of our money in the 10 000 points ( 200€ ) with the rest of the points 4 000 for the insulin and 4 000 for the room to follow. We needed to travel as we had another hotel to stay in, so we left.

Luckily, we had spotted that the Insulin was frozen, or it would have been in ineffective if used later that day, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Points are not cash, and we have no idea why we could not have been refunded the money spent.

We will not stay in Limoges again.
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