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ALL - Accor Live Limitless (to replace Le Club from 2020)

ALL - Accor Live Limitless (to replace Le Club from 2020)


Old Feb 21, 19, 8:58 am
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Accor might think they're teasing and exciting us, but right now all they've done is create massive uncertainty about the future of their programme. Crazy.
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Old Feb 21, 19, 9:10 am
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Originally Posted by Dav77 View Post

working for a French company since a lot of years ...I would say that when something change for anything new ...it turn worst ... 😀

but let them a chance!
Hahaha. I have given Accor plenty of chances for the last 10 years as a Plat. Nothing significant changes except that I do not have to send them regular emails chasing for my incorrect or failure to credit points/stay (dropped from 80% to less than 5%).

Rule of thumb, never have any expectation of Accor and you will not be that disappointed.

I thought that I can finally give up Accor Platinum status after 10 years until the emergence of this teaser thread.
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Old Feb 21, 19, 9:40 am
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Honestly, the complete lack of detail means the thing I am focusing most on is the name. What an awful name for a loyalty programme. Accor Live Limitless seems like a magician's show in Las Vegas.
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Old Feb 21, 19, 9:52 am
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Very interesting name.
I wonder if the people responsible for Marriott Bonvoy work with Accor as well

Name aside,
I would be interesting with the new tier benefit ... Accor Ambassador ?
And also if there any devaluation from current tier benefits
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Old Feb 21, 19, 10:15 am
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Having had the day to reflect on the albeit limited information available here are some intial thoughts:

1. Far too early announce the change. I am not sure what is to be gained from this. The start date is January 2020 and now I do not know what I will renew (if I do) to as Platinum (unlikely I qualify for some la-de-da super elite status).
2. Changes to tiers: At the moment there is precious little difference between Gold and Platinum. This is made worse by the very uneven implementation at hotel level. The constant begging and reminding wears very thin. Will this change, can this change? I have my doubts. Brand standards and enforcement are not Accor's strength. Also I do not really like these "super aspirational, semi secret status levels" some programmes have. It just smacks of, dare I say, American elitism. But again this is just me.
3. Experiences: call me old fashioned but I am a member of a hotel loyalty programme to make my hotel stays better. I personally care very little about "experiences". But then again I am not a millennial...
4. Long term loyalty: I sincerely hope that those of us who were loyal for more than 10 years will finally see some movement in that regard. Haven't we suffered enough? From Sofitel Privilége to A-Club, Le Club Accorhotels to ALL, it has been a rocky road. I know Accor HQ are aware of this. Time to give back n'est-ce pas?
5. Programme partners: Accor want to integrate onefinestay and restaurants into ALL. Fine, then make them status earning, after all I am paying Accor money. onefinestay is a hotch potch of offers with a very limited geographical scope. Restaurants (which are attached to hotels) need to up their game. At the moment the info on restaurants is at best limited, very few would be destinations in their own right. Most listings contain no information, nor can they be easily booked online.
6. New brands: I gather some will be added this year. The fact that with some brands only some properties are included is very confusing (Banyan Tree and Rixos)
7. Language: Please tone down the PR/consultants language.
8. Back to basics: Customer service and IT infrastructure. None of this will make an iota of a difference if these two areas are not improved massively.

Again these are just some first thoughts based on the scarce information available. I reserve my opinion until more becomes available.

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Old Feb 21, 19, 10:23 am
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Hope in a dedicated credit card...possibly requestable in Italy also ...

it would be something really great and different from other hotel chains for those living in Europe

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Old Feb 21, 19, 10:28 am
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starflyergold - I completely agree. Reading the Accor email this morning was a waste of my time. Far too early to announce this change, offering no specifics. All PR. Please concentrate on customer service.
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Old Feb 21, 19, 10:44 am
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I moved the email to trash.
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Old Feb 21, 19, 12:08 pm
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Well accor should bring out all the Information within the next 2-4 months as how do I know what I am qualifying for in 2020 if I earn, 10,000 status,14,000 status or 20,000 status points this year. It would be better they didn't say anything at all until they could give us all or most of the info.

I agree that plat really offers not much more for us over gold members and hence why I am/was (not sure with changes happening) going to be okay going down to gold for a year in 2021. So here is hoping plat gets 1 or 2 extra perks and then a status higher with a decent addition.

Maybe it Would be best to have this for gold/plat and super plat?
1 level upgrade (up to max junior suite level)-for gold members.
2 level upgrade (Excluding the presidential suites). -for plats.
3 level upgrade for super plats (Assuming this is a very limited number of people.)

Anyway I stop thinking and waiting. There is definately the chance that plat and gold could get reduced benefits as well but hyped up by Accor.

I also don't care too much for experiences.
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Old Feb 21, 19, 12:27 pm
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I e only recently bed an email from Accor Plus so far, and it was the most confusing email that I’ve ever received from Accor. Made no sense,and didn’t really say anything.

On the name: is it “Live” as in “I want to Live until this is introduced” or is it “I want to watch this crash and burn Live”??

the name is ridiculous. Maybe it’s “All of the above”

i like their promise though:
  • New Identity and Branding

    The way you interact with us will become simpler, with ALL being the one home for everything. To smooth your journey from beginning to end.
reading between the lines, maybe they are sacking their current IT team and getting a new one, as that’s the only way to make it simpler.

To me, it actually sounds like they are looking at some of the really profitable airline frequent flyer programs that have moved beyond just flying (ie Qantas), and trying to see if they can match, or complete, with them.
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Originally Posted by christianj View Post
....Seems like the 5th graders running the Marriott Bonvoy program have some friends that got a job at Accor.
i had the same thought. Accor says they want to provide “experiences”. Does that mean something like Frye Fest, only not sucking as bad?

Silly me. I thought Accor provided a place to sleep. If I wanted an “experience”, I’d try my luck with the crowd downstairs at the bar.
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Old Feb 21, 19, 2:19 pm
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I want to earn points when buy fruit and vegetables at local shop !

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Old Feb 21, 19, 3:02 pm
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Hey guys, may be it’s not (yet ?) time for complaining but to give ALL a chance ?
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Old Feb 21, 19, 3:57 pm
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It would take a miraculous change for me to really want to invest my hotel stays into Accor. There's something about the brand I just do not like, and the current programme is just dreadful. My small flirtation with Accor led to me leaving quickly and once a client is lost it is difficult to get that client back again. I'm surprised many of these companies don't wake up to this.
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Old Feb 21, 19, 5:35 pm
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