Robbed at Ibis, Ignored by Accor

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Robbed at Ibis, Ignored by Accor

This last 17 October, I was robbed of my backpack containing passports, currency and valuables including laptop at check in directly in front of the receptionist at the Ibis Porte de Bagnolet, just 3 feet away from her nose!

A police report was filed. Extensive CCTV evidence was available. I was informed that a gang of 4 thieves were the perpertrators.

I was assured that I would be contacted by Accor; I have not been contacted by anyone, nor offered any assistance whatsoever by the hotel, if anything, hindered by them. I have now written twice to Accor.

The atmosphere at the hotel was anarchic. Rampant smoking of tobacco and drugs in the guest rooms. Night receptionist giving free room to a lady of the night and ignoring paying guests. Young girl camped out in hotel hallway.

Will Accor attend to this?
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Good day SAtransplant

It was good to see that you didnt report injuries, however it must have been a horrific experience.

I am not sure what you are expecting from Accor, as the crime was perportrated on their property, they appear to be the victim in this also.

Unless French laws state differently I would not be expecting anything from Accor and suggest your the only follow up action would be through the police and your travel insurance.

Safe travels
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The review of the hotel makes for an interesting read. It has a low average of 2.9 for 1800 reviews. Most focused on the dirtiness of the hotel, beds and bathroom. Apparently drug search by the police happens there.
The manager is Ahmed Hamdini, you can found him and message him on Linkedin.
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Does not seem to be a nice hotel by any stretch .... maybee Accor can have a word and suggest improvements or remove it from the group.

I have total sympathy with the OP, as in the past I have had a very bad experience at an Ibis in France, and NO HELP was ever given by Accor.
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From a TripAdvisor review (dated April 2019):
"There were beggars in the lobby of the hotel, begging for cigarettes and money."

It seems that some beg for money, but others just help themselves to the guests' wallets...

Totally unacceptable.
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I am most disappointed and horrified reading this, and I do hope the OP managed to get home safely and block the cards in time, as well as recover from the emotional traume incurred. I have actually also recently been a target of a thief in France (pickpocketing on a tram en route to Novotel Monte Carlo), and not having had anything stolen for years spent travelling around the globe made for this being a harrowing experience. Staying at that Ibis must have been one as well.

Given how awful Ibises in the centre of Paris can be, staying outside the Peristaltique always seemed to be a bad idea to me, but this seems to be below anything any hotel chain should ever deem acceptable. It speaks volume of Accor not having dropped this property long ago, not to mention failing to take care of a person robbed on their property.

I was once targeted by a thief in London - a rather suspicious-looking person knocked on my room's door and tried to get hold of my wallet, that I was momentarily holding in my hand (they knocked right after I arrived, I saw them wandering around the corridor earlier). I guess the person may not having been entirely mentally sane. Anyway, no harm done, as I managed to overpower them and close the door, but I reported to the security by phone and had follow-ups with the GM by email regarding whether CCTV caught anything and a police report was filed (it was, I was provided with a #). I can only guess an actual theft would have been taken even more seriously.
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It seems unbelievable to me that with so many serious problems reported for this hotel on various media that nothing is changing. The GM is not doing his job (security service ?) and Accor should kick this hotel out of the network as it is damaging the brand.
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