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pcg2001 Oct 18, 09 8:18 am

Accor/ Le Club: experiences with best price guarantee
Since tis matter was raised in a previous post, I thought I should start this thread and share some of my recent accor experience. I normally book Ibis hotels when visiting Europe, and have decided to test the BPG of Accor. They claim this is a reason to book with them.

I have made a few trials with that and despite the fact that I found cheaper prices elsewhere, the price garantee was always turned down. I even found a cheaper price with breakfast and they claimed this was a different rate from the one I had booked (which did not include breakfast) because of the breakfast, and they do not give lowest price guarantee for "packages".

In another instance, I had booked a cancellable rate and on another website found another rate that was cancellable as well, but with a different deadline. I know that these are not technically the same, but honoring the "spirit" of the price guarantee would go a long way towards gaining loyal customers.

This is frustrating because basically accor sells rooms to third parties and these offer lower rates than accor. Assuming third parties do not make a loss, and accor would not sell the rooms to them at a loss either, I find it hard ot undrstand why accor does not honor the price guarantee without turning to little schemes like "packages" and slightly different deadlines.

I know that this post could read any-other-hotel-chain best price guarantee (with the honorable exception of Marriott). But perhaps others can share positive experiences with the price guarantee.

cardesigner2000 Oct 19, 09 8:56 am

I didn't even realize that Accor had a best rate guarantee. On which sites did you find cheaper prices? I've tried several BRG claims in France with Opodo and Go Voyages but never tried Accor. In both cases it took 1-2 weeks to even get a response, one positive and one negative. I've also made several claims to Thalys due to delays with mostly negative results.In general I would say that US or UK based companies are much more consumer friendly, but will also be quite strict about finding the exact same room with the same conditions (including breakfast or not). If the guarantee only offers to cover the difference and no other compensation I would suggest booking on the competitor sites.

pcg2001 Oct 19, 09 12:24 pm

FYI, the cheaper rates were at I have read some mixed reviews about this website (problems with refunds), and though they are affilliated with a major operator, metglobal I think, I really did not want to risk losing my money.
The other thing is that I needed to book a rate that was not paid in advance so that I could use my accor voucher, as well as my parents, so I really needed to book direct with accor.

Interestingly what they lack in terms of price guarantee (I repeat that following the spirit of the guarantee would go a long way towards winning me over) they make up for in speed of reply. All within a couple of days.

I did book a couple of novotels, then ibis (consecutively), since gtahotels systematically had better prices for them in the same city. and all of these guarantees were refused. One I replied back (the one with breakfast), but got the same lame excuse (it is a non-comparable package).

Finally, for some reason I have found gtahotels offer interesting deals. I tried to invoke a price guarantee (non-existent in those cases) a while back with 2 german minor hotels chains. How come gta had rates 40€ or more lower than the hotels websites? However, I got the reply from both hotels that they could not offer the same rate. :confused: I really don't get it? In economic terms, selling below cost is called dumping and is often illegal in some countries for competition reasons - so if gta is not dumping, why doesn't the chain price match???

In booking 2 upcoming trips (Cologne and Brussels), I have come a loooooong way to learning how to optimize the quality for price. I am even using Hilton points for a few nights and then switching to Novotel to use my accor voucher. I have always been a fan of Ibis (and novotel, if the offer was good), but now I know how to get a 4-5 star hotel for the price of Ibis. Let's call this the Priceline route :D. So it is likely that Accor have in fact lost a pretty good customer with their inability to price match.

bsb21 Oct 19, 09 3:21 pm

You have brought up some interesting points!

I have worked for IHG and know that they not only match and offer a 10% discount, but they also fine the hotel for making a lower rate available to the public. Lower rates are good, as long as they are not made available to the general public (ex. group rates, priceline, ect).

I am now a Marriott Gold Elite member and have used their BRG several times with no problems. Answers usually come within 2-4 hours of submitting the BRG.

Once the competing rate had breakfast included. Marriott matched the lower rate, took off 25%, plus took off the breakfast. This made for a heck of a deal!

pcg2001 Oct 24, 09 4:02 am

I have now made a suggestion about this on the new feedback page of Accor.

nicksman Oct 28, 09 5:18 pm

Just a thought…..maybe try applying for a chargeback with your credit card supplier. Charges for goods or services different from what was represented are a viable reason for chargebacks.

nvoi Nov 4, 09 5:45 pm

Originally Posted by nicksman (Post 12727542)
Just a thought…..maybe try applying for a chargeback with your credit card supplier. Charges for goods or services different from what was represented are a viable reason for chargebacks.

accor has the right to deny a best rate claim on the basis of what the op wrote. this is not an accor issue, all hotel operators will deny a best rate claim on these grounds.

as the op said, her main objective was to use the voucher, then she should've contacted the hotel upfront and tried to get a deal with them if that's so important.

pcg2001 Nov 4, 09 6:32 pm

Originally Posted by nvoi (Post 12768694)
accor has the right to deny a best rate claim on the basis of what the op wrote. this is not an accor issue, all hotel operators will deny a best rate claim on these grounds.

as the op said, her main objective was to use the voucher, then she should've contacted the hotel upfront and tried to get a deal with them if that's so important.

I never thought of contacting the hotel directly to be honest :( Will do so next time. Thanks for the reminder.

PS: and I am aware of how these price guarantees operate. helas they don't exist to assist the customer.

lljj Dec 29, 09 1:06 pm

Accor BRG is a true nightmare
Just want to add one data point to this topic.

I was so pissed off by the experience requesting BRG from Accor. Booked the hotel and submitted the original request within 24 hours. Then 5 days waiting without even a declining message from Accor. Resubmitted on 28th with some complaining, still, no email, no call, no nothing. I mean, I understood that all of the BRG programs really couldn't care less whether you get a better price or not. But come on, totally ignore the request by just make no voice? That's just lower than the lowest.

Accor make the BRG rules extremely favoring themself, like the customer need to submit the BRG request with 24 hours of the reservation, and the better price has to be good on the time THEY MAKE THE VERIFICATION, etc. Yet they didn't give any timeline for themselves to process the requests.

And how about contact them directly? They list no email no phone number on their website for you to call except their the reservation center. People in the reservation department will tell you they are not allowed to make outbound call thus can not transfer you to an other department :)

All in all, my words to Accor is: if you don't want to do the BRG, or are not capable to do it, Don't even bother to start this service. Don't waste our time!!!!!:td::td::td::td::td::td::td::td::td::td:

slowly Dec 31, 09 12:12 pm

I also submitted a claim a week ago and got no reply whatsoever. Cancelled the res and stayed elsewhere.

Iamhappy Jan 17, 10 7:11 am

Novotel/Accor's BPG - No joy
Booked a room on for a night in their new Taipei Novotel.

Found on exactly the same room with the same conditions for a lower price.

Used the BPG form on novotel's website.

Got an email reply from their France office 2 or 3 days later, telling me that the BPG is not applicable since the price on is higher.

Wrote back to them with a pdf printout of the page from which clearly shows the lower price.

Then got one back from accor with a printout from their checking on which shows a higher price than what I found on

So instead of honouring a BPG, they went searching for a price higher than what I found on the same website. This is how they treat someone who stays away from home in hotels for more than 200 nights (nothing within the Accor chain) per year.

Good bye Accor/Novotel and let's never meet again!

yyz1505 Jan 22, 10 4:34 am

requested BRG from Accor 4 days ago. no reply, no confirmation. :mad:

traveller99___1 Feb 23, 10 3:38 pm

I just want to share a similar experience. Booked 3 nights with an Ibis Hotel. There was the usual full prize rate and a no cancellation/no refund rate to chose from on the accor page. I chose the latter, but later that day found an even 20% cheaper price somewhere else (also standard room, no refund, no cancellation). So, I did all the application procedure to make use of the best price guarantee (the form for that is imho terribly hard to find on the page, considering all those big ads advertising the bpg!). Of course, my application was turned down, according to them I had booked a Happy20 package (when you book it, it is just called Happy20 without the 'package') and the bpg does not apply to packages (although from what I can see from my booking documents, the other rate had exactly the same conditions). So appearently, when you book some reduced rate, it is very unlikely that you'll have a chance to get bpg. I then searched the web and found not a single person, to report of a successful application for the bpg. Each time (also for full prize rates) their appeal is just turned down, claiming that the cheaper prize from a non-accor page is of a different rate. What annoys me the most here, is that there is no easy way a customer can tell whether his rate actually applies for bpg, as all information is hidden in the small print (on pages you find after following several links) and accor just turnes down your application without any explaination. This brings me to the conclusion that the whole bgp with 10% price minus is just a big customer scam to get people to book directly on the accor site. This is certainly not the way to get loyal customers. What's your opinion and experiences? if anybody was ever lucky with bpg please share that with the forum.

starflyergold Feb 24, 10 12:21 am

Welcome to FlyerTalk traveller99___1 :)

yyz1505 Feb 24, 10 8:00 pm

requested BRG, they replied 8 days later, and of course it was a negative reply - saying that the booking conditions are not the same (I refered them to which offered the same hotel/room for much lower price, and both rates were non-refundable, the same bed configuration, etc...)

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