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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by kokonutz:
And, FWIW, I'll have to ask Cluebyfour where he left my clue, seeing as I am apparently clueless.

Clued in or not, I'll take a circa 1999 Airbus to galavant around the midwest on midcons to a circa 1979 MD-80 any old day, thank you very much.
Glad you paged.

I don't think you are clueless, my friend, I think you had a few bad experiences. Nothing wrong with that--a half dozen really crappy experiences have kept me off UA metal (forever for all intents and purposes). However:

[intentional argumentative material follows]

You can be the last one on the plane and get a decent seat on the ancient MD-80. Enjoy 23B on that A319 (E---). You get power scattered thru the entire coach cabin on most/all AA aircraft. The seat power on AA works darned near all the time (I've been told that the working empower port on UA is a bird as rare as the proverbial albatross). You rarely experience the quality Overhead- equipment similar to UA's Boeing equipment.

Regarding the age of the equipment, I'd urge you to consider if that shiny new fleet is doing UA a whit of good while in Chapter 11. Maybe AA can buy some....

I'm finished now. With the smarty-pants stuff done to illustrate my point .

I think what my distinguished colleague from Virginia is trying to hint at is ClueByFour's Third Law of Travel:

All Airlines Suck. Some just suck less than others.

Clearly then, even the AA zealot can appreciate that for Mr Nutz, UA sucks less . And that's all the Clue one needs.

Saving the world, one clue at a time.

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