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Mom, Dad, Scion and Martin:

The fact remains: I tremble at the demise of UA. For me, the routes I fly, AA is TWA. They bought it as is. They are running it as was. And, FWIW, I'll have to ask Cluebyfour where he left my clue, seeing as I am apparently clueless.

Clued in or not, I'll take a circa 1999 Airbus to galavant around the midwest on midcons to a circa 1979 MD-80 any old day, thank you very much.

I choose UA over AA for many reasons. One of these is that they are, for me, the least of all evils. That means I am NOT a UA pollyanna. So be it.

My point in this thread was not so much to bash your beloved. Only to fear the passing of mine. And lament that as so many former UA patrons jump ship now voluntarily but perhaps one day by necessity that they realize that the ships they are jumping to were designed by their grandfathers and built in Missouri 20 and 30 years ago.

The polite response is pity, not scorn. But I suppose it IS easier to be reactionary then thoughtful. Alas.

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