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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Scion:
Why is it that in order to make themselves feel better about how grim things have gotten at United some on the United board must resort to disparaging AA?

I guess all the "feel good" threads about how service seems to be improving since the Chapter 11 filing just stopped ringing true.

You don't see threads like this over on the AA board. Truth be told it is not for lack of content - UA's ex-Shuttle Aircraft, 767-200's, United Express Concourse at Chicago, the IAD Shack, etc. Indeed, if UA were as great an airline as some of you claim, it wouldn't be in the dire financial position it is now.
we all have our reasons for having our favorite airlines, and we all have our reasons for disliking others.

Frankly my feelings toward AA are based on my experiences with them, not because it makes me feel better about UAL. Shall we start with the FA-from-he** who required us all to give him our Starbucks cups before we left the gate?

I can't comment on the ex-shuttle aircraft as I've never been on one, and I rarely have to fly through IAD. But, while you're raising the subject of ORD's UAX concourse, have you been through Terminal 3's G Concourse recently? I see it every month, and it absolutely is not better than the UAX concourse at ORD.

My experiences with UAL have largely been very positive. I should probably consider myself fortunate that my "worst" FA was "average." Yes, I've run into less-than- wonderful GA's...every airline has them (same for FA's), but the service I've received from UAL continues exceed any of the other US airlines I"ve flown on (AA, US, CO, DL, NW, SW, TZ...before anyone bothers to imply I've not flown on any other airline)


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