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Originally Posted by jaf View Post
ok - this is going to be a very stupid question - i'm almost embarrassed to ask (esp being an exec plat) ... but where exactly are the power ports?? I often forget to look or don't need to use them, but the few times I have looked under the seat I've been unable to find them.
Don't be embarrassed, they aren't real easy to find.

The are located in an area under and between the seats you are occupying in economy. An easy way to think of it is they are almost behind your knee between the seats, below the armrest. They have a small cover over them. If they are working, you will see a small green light coming from the jack.

Also keep in mind, they aren't in every row. Most planes have them in the first 10 rows or so, the exit rows, and then every third row otherwise.

First has them in every row, and their is a jack for every occupant, as opposed to coach where you may have to share with your neighbor.
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