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Originally Posted by Sam - DFW View Post
i paid more for my flights so that i could avoid the last flight out - it gets in much later, and i have a.m. meetings. i am receiving inferior service which is specifically what i paid more money to avoid. i have a(n) (un)reasonable opinion that i should get what i pay for and/or only pay for what i get.

when this happens, why should i not be entitled to the original fare difference? it's certainly not my fault, so why am i paying extra to be shortchanged by AA?
I agree with you completely. You paid more to be on a specific earlier flight, but instead you actually flew on a later cheaper flight.

You asked if anyone had specific experience with this. I specifically experienced this a few months ago. I paid to arrive by 11 am but actually ended up on the cheaper flight arriving at 2 pm. I wrote to AA several times about the same issue, and got nowhere. It seems to me they just don't listen. They keep hearing me gripe about a cancellation, but that's not my gripe at all. I'm griping about paying more money for an earlier flight which was cancelled, so I ended up on the cheaper / later flight.

I don't particularly care to type in the entire text of my most recent letter from the Executive Office, but essentially they say their schedules are not guaranteed from any kind of delay, they always try to eventually get the passengers to the destination, sometimes they don't have a lot of options, and the segments were eventually flown therefore no refund.
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