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Originally Posted by Frenchie Flyer (Post #74) View Post
I'm in for $500. Just a couple of observations. The shipping at first appears to be charged to the order until you get to the page that shows what total is being billed and then it says there is no charge for shipping. Also I wondered if the thing is on backorder for 2 weeks and the shipping is said to take 1 to 2 weeks then when do they charge the credit card? Answer is: at the time of shipping.

Great find.
Thank you. I'm in the midst of placing an order and was surprised to see a $4.95 charge for Standard Shipping.
Originally Posted by LurkerNoMore (Post #76) View Post
I threw down for $250.00. I just can't resist small denomination unusual coins and bills. I once obtained $200 in new $2.00 bills and gave them out as tips, spent them for coffee, booze, etc in Vegas. That reminds me...I need more $2.00 bills!
Where does one obtain one hundred $2 bills?
Originally Posted by imasosec (Post #115) View Post
Also, the program will end at the first living President, currently Jimmy Carter. So, if Carter is alive after the Gerald Ford Dollar is issued in 2016, the program ends and there will be no Ronald Reagan coin.
Originally Posted by dhacker (Post #132) View Post
Long live Jimmy Carter!
James Earl Carter was born 1 October 1924.

George Herbert Walker Bush was born 12 June 1924.

In 2016 they would both turn 92. Of all ex-presidents, only Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan exceeded that, living to 93.

I think it's Bill Clinton who needs to watch his diet and exercise.
Originally Posted by steve32 (Post #151) View Post
"Under federal law (31 U.S.C. 5112), no coins may be issued featuring a living president, or a president who died less than two years earlier. -- Wikipedia
That is the general law, and does not explicitly mention the presidential dollars program, which would likely be covered in regulations published in the C.F.R.
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