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Originally Posted by glxpass View Post
It's two boxes per order. For this item, the US Mint currently has a limit per order, not a limit per household. So you can churn this deal many times if you wanted to, unless the product becomes unavailable or the Mint changes the terms unfavorably.
If by churning, you mean ordering 2 boes every few days, I don't think so. The limit, if I read the Mint's Press Release correctly is 2 boxes per customer every 3 months.

"Customers may order up to 500 $1 coins (two boxes) within any given Presidential $1 Coin issuance period."

The issueance period is 1 coin every every 3 months. But I see no reason my wife, mother and myself can't order a box each 3 months.

Also, the program will end at the first living President, currently Jimmy Carter. So, if Carter is alive after the Gerald Ford Dollar is issued in 2016, the program ends and there will be no Ronald Reagan coin.
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