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Originally Posted by ET View Post
Except that some(most?) banks charge a fee if you bring coins that are more than "loose change" quantity to deposit. I forget how much, but if you bring in rolls and rolls of $1 coins, they have some sort of fee to deposit it. Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself the one time years ago I tried to turn in like just 3-5 rolls of some coin (forgot which). I said "you're charging me money to deposit legal tender US money in your bank?". The woman let me do it "the one time" without a fee. Apparently a lot of coin money isn't "real money" they want to deal with.
One way around this is to buy a cheap-o money order. Many places will sell them to you for 25 - 50 cents. Then just deposit the money order at your bank. It would probably be cheaper than paying the fee.
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