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Originally Posted by cepheid View Post
But you could also just order your whole pizza at the main retail registers and then go pick it up at the window, thereby paying with credit card and saving time. That's what I do...
We were just there for the pizza on our way to visit friends Long-time member, first-time pizza buyer. You should have seen our expressions and fumbling when they asked for cash or check. Mr. lili is oldschool and actually had $23.11 cash.

This thread is amazing me in pointing out how rarely I use cash and how much of an inconvenience it is for me. I think that Mint place may be going out of business soon.

But I still want to buy a box of these coins. Irrational, but appealing. I could bury them in the yard. Or leave them hidden in crazy places in the house for my heirs to find...
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