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Singapore Airlines
Business Class menu
Singapore to Auckland
December 2007

Breakfast Menu

A Fresh Start

A choice of apple, tomato or freshly squeezed orange juice

Fresh fruit

A Healthy Note

Choice of cereals or yoghurt
Cornflakes with milk or Birchermuesli
Plain or fruit yoghurt

The Main Event

Singapore nasi lemak
Malay style coconut rice with spicy prawns, peanuts, ikan bilis, grilled fish cake, egg omelette and fried chicken
A local favourite served with sambal chilli

Grilled veal with turkey and chicken sausage, roasted tomato, mushrooms and gratin potatoes

Baked crepe with scrambled egg, ham, sauteed mushrooms with tomato and potatoes

From the Bakery

Assorted breakfast rolls
Butter – Fruit preserve

A Connoisseur’s Choice

Gourmet coffee
Selection of tea

Snack Menu

Fancy a snack? Simply take your pick from our range of delectable snacks and make your selection known to our cabin crew.


Fish ball broth with kway teow or bee hoon noodles

Prawn noodles with soup

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian instant noodles


Smoked ham in focaccia bun

Smoked tuna in onion ciabatta

Oriental vegetarian ciabatta


Roasted mixed nuts

Chocolate bar


Potato chips

Kjeldsens cookies


Before Touch-Down Menu

To Nibble On…

With onion, cucumber and spicy peanut sauce

A Savoury Note

Thai style spicy scallop-green mango salad with mesclun
Singapore dressing infused with shallot oil with sambal, lime and honey Coriander vinaigrette

The Main Event

Seared lamb loin with jus, braised puy lentil and potato mash

Famous Singapore chicken rice
Fragrant poached chicken with pandan flavoured rice, served with ginger, soya and chilli sauce
A renowned favourite in Singapore

Thai style perch curry with spiced eggplant and steamed rice

6 oz ribeye of beef in red wine jus with creamed leek and fava beans

A Sweet Note

Mount blanc cake

The Cheese Board

Gourmet cheese with garnishes


A selection of fresh fruit

A Connoisseur’s Choice

Gourmet coffee
Selection of tea
and pralines

SQ281A SIN-AKL (B/HL) 36-1.2 10-12 RC


Mix of the Month

Tropical Sparkle
A refreshing-yet-fruity blend of lime cordial and 7-up, with orange and tomato juice

Singapore Airlines’ Unique Creations

Silver Kris Sling
One of our special touches made with gin, Cointreau and orange and pineapple juice, topped with champagne

A sparkling mix of vodka shaken with apple juice and 7-up

Solitaire Dreams
A cool concoction of rum, pineapple juice, Sling mix with ginger ale

Sunrise Breezer
A refreshing blend of sake and bitter lemon

Sweetness in Darkness
A unique mix of red wine and a splash of Coke

Vodka Flush
A tantalising drink of vodka, apple juice and bitter lemon, topped with 7-Up

Apple Bliss
An appetising and refreshing blend of apple juice and bitter lemon, topped with 7-Up

Awaiting the Golden Dawn
A healthy, refreshing mix of pineapple, tomato and orange juice

Tropical Fizz
An invigorating concoction of pineapple juice and bitter lemon

All-Time Favourites

Singapore Sling
Synonymous with the Lion City since the early 1900s, this classic cocktail is made with dry gin, Dom Benedictine, cherry brandy, Angostura bitters and grenadine, mixed with lime and pineapple juice

A classic concoction of vodka and orange juice

Fruit Spritzer
A simple yet delightfully refreshing mix of apple juice and 7-Up

Orange Cooler
A light tangy drink created from orange juice and ginger ale with a touch of lime cordial

Appetising Aperitifs


Dry Vermouth



Macallan 12 years old Single Malt Whisky

Cognac XO Otard

Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Gordon’s Dry Gin

Smirnoff Red Label Vodka

Bacardi Superior

Premium Ginjo Sake Tamanohikari
(Available on flights to and from Japan)



Baileys Original Irish Cream


International Selection


Guinness Stout

Champagnes and Wines


Charles Heidsieck
Of the three Champagne Houses based in the historic city of Reims that bear the name Heidsieck, Charles Heidsieck is the most famous, being the oldest and the largest and having coined the name “Champagne Charlie”. A perfect blend of the Chardonnay grape for elegance, Pinot Noir for body and a little Pinot Meunier for spiciness, this is a marvellously expressive Champagne, lively on the nose, biscuity and creamy on the palate with rounded, dry finish.

White Wines

Wild Rock “The Infamous Goose” Sauvignon Blanc 2006 Marlborough, New Zealand
The Marlborough region in New Zealand’s South Island produces some of the world’s most exciting and distinctive Sauvignon Blanc. The style is leafy, racy and highly distinctive. Wild Rock is a youthful modern wine company headed by highly respected viticulturalist and Master of Wine Steve Smith and winemaker Matt Murphy. By way of clarification Goose is the nickname of the man who grew the grapes.

Wynns Coonawarra Estate Chardonnay 2006 South Australia
Australia has a reputation for rich and oaky Chardonnay. This stereotype has been challenged of late by the evolution of a new modern style of Chardonnay. These wines, generally grown in cooler regions, are better balanced with less overt oak and higher natural acidity. Wynns is such a wine. Made by Sue Hodder, one of Australia’s most respected female winemakes, Wynns was founded in 1891 and is synonymous with the Coonawarra region. Sealed in screw cap to eliminate cork taint.

Red Wines

Elderton Shiraz 2004 Barossa Valley
The Barossa Valley is known internationally for classic “Aussie” Shiraz. These wines are rich and full-bodied with a characteristic soft finish and mocca flavours. Elderton is a small family owned company with an excellent reputation for its reds. This wine, made from old vines from the warmer valley floor, was aged in a mixture of American and French oak barrels and is a fine example of traditional Barossa Shiraz.

Chateau Giscours 1999 Margaux
Located in the heart of a beautiful 200 estate, the Giscours vineyards were classified a very prestigious Third Growth in 1855. Today the quality from the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes grown on the classic gravelly soil of the southern Medoc region is finer than ever. Aromas of blackcurrant and hints of cedar wood mark this wine with its classically elegant finish. 1999 was a very good year in Bordeaux, perfect for current drinking.


Dow 2001 Late Bottled Vintage Port Portugal
A Late Bottled Vintage Port, usually shortened to LBV, is Port from a single, high quality vintage, bottled after four to five years spent maturing in large oak barrels, or “pipes” as they are known in the Douro. Deep ruby in colour, with all the spice, bramble fruit and concentration typical of a fine Port, and a warm, smooth sweetness of the finish, this LBV is one of the highest quality.


Enjoy the invigorating aroma and rich flavour from our selection of the finest brew.

Enjoy a selection of hot and cold beverages, anytime you wish. Simply let us know your preference.

Tea Selection

Pure Ceylon Tea
A favourite choice for any time of the day or night

Earl Grey
Delicately fragrant, a traditional English favourite

One of the world’s finest blends from the Himilayan foothills

A balanced blend of camomile and herbs without caffeine

Decaffeinated Tea
A full-flavoured alternative without caffeine

Japanese Green Tea
Delicate aroma with fresh clean taste

Chinese Jasmine Tea
A revered classic with a hint of fragrant jasmine

Chinese Oolong Tea
A special blend featuring a distinctive honey-like taste

Gourmet Coffees

Brazil Santos Bourbon
Coffee connoisseurs are sure to appreciate this smooth nutty coffee – the pick of the Brazilian crop
aroma 4/5 body 3/5 acidity 2/5

Colombian Supremo
Good all-rounded coffee with light body, balanced acidity and a smooth, rounded flavour that leaves a clean aftertaste
aroma 3/5 body 3/5 acidity 3/5

Kenyan AA “Kilimanjaro”
It takes that magical combination of temperate climate and volcanic soil to produce this medium bodied coffee with a sharp, intense flavour and rich aftertaste
aroma 5/5 body 4/5 acidity 4/5

Specialty Coffees

Brewed Coffee
Our exclusive blend of coffee, freshly brewed

Café Royal
Lightly sweetened coffee with a touch of XO Brandy

A single shot of premium coffee, the gourmet’s choice

An all time favourite, espresso enriched with an abundance of foamed milk

Decaffeinated Coffee
A full-flavoured alternative without caffeine

A delicious combination of coffee, milk and chocolate

Other Beverages

An ideal treat of smooth rich cocoa and milk

A nutritious drink for that extra energy

Cool Refreshments

Mineral Water



Fruit Juices





Soft Drinks

Bitter Lemon


Coke Light

Ginger Ale



Full Cream

Low Fat

NZ 1207

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