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Originally Posted by HeHateY View Post
"Orders are limited to two boxes ($500) per President."
Sure, but how are they limiting this? Per person, per household, per credit card? If per person, then you can order 2 boxes per member of your household... if per household, you can send one order to your work address, perhaps. But yes, it could be a bit difficult to get too many boxes.

Originally Posted by fsa_ea View Post
That would be 2,000 boxes!
Er... whoops! I guess I misplaced a factor of 10 somewhere. Sorry!

Even if the bank were right next door to me, I don't think it'd really be worth my hassle... 2 boxes @ $500 * 1.5% = $7.50. While certainly every penny counts for me, as a starving graduate student, there's a limit to my free time. Maybe if I could get 3% or 5% out of it, I'd think it's more worthwhile, but since the Mint doesn't fall under any of the "special categories" for any of my credit cards, 1.5% is the best return I'd get. (I'm not counting any float from depositing the $500 into an interest-bearing account for the month grace period before I'd have to pay the CC bill... even at 4% APY, that float is worth only 0.33% = $1.67.)

That said, for those of you who want to do it... have at it.

In fact, I'm quite surprised we haven't heard from Marathon Man yet...
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