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Originally Posted by tayd View Post
I have the Gold Class UA MP Visa which differs from the regular MP Visa in which the benefits include earning 2 miles for every $1 in UA purchases as well as 2,500 Anniversary Bonus miles each year, for $85 annual fee. However, since I haven't purchased any tickets on UA for travel in the past 4-5 years (though I still fly on UA now and then for work, but charged to the company's corporate Diners card), is it worth keeping this card or should I downgrade to the regular MP Visa? In other words, is the 2500 anniversary bonus miles miles worth $85?

I'm thinking about downgrading as well, especially if I could get bonus miles for the other card. Originally, the 2500 miles makes sense, especially if you consider that you are effectively buying those miles at 1cpm if you are set on having a UA card. ($85-$60 = $25 opportunity cost/2500 miles = $0.01/mile) That worked for me, but.... I'd like another 25k pop please! ^_^

Are we sure that chase only allows one per person in personal and business? I mean, techinically the gold and signature are seperate products, so wouldn't it make sense that if you bought both products you should be able to get the bonus?
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