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Worth reading if you do ANY sponsoring of U/G's!!

A very good, long time FT'er friend of mine - who doesn't post here often - let me in on some information that I think will be of help to the UA FT Community.

He has more than one friend who was the recipient of "3rd Party" sponsorship of SWU/CR1 upgrades.

At least one of these people travels often enough to KNOW the CSR upon checkin. There were a serious of questions asked. Upon inquiring as to WHY they were being asked, given that the CSR "knew" him - the answer came back:

"There was a FRAUD ALERT in the PNR and it required that I verify the validity of the upgrade", or words to that effect.
I should point out that this U/G was done ONLINE.

Here are the questions asked- AND they were REQUIRED to be anssered PRIOR to the issuance of a BP. This is NOT "optional" sh*t; You guys can proceed at your risk:
Q: How did you upgrade?
Q: How much did you PAY, for the upgrade?
Q: Who sponsored you?
Q: How do you know this person?
Q: Do you know where this person lives?
Q: Do you have a contact number, for this person?

Do what you will with this information. Ignore it. Memorize it. Print it.

If you don't think what I've posted is accurate, or valuable to you - that's OK.
Please, just don't post here telling me why it's wrong, or unimportant, or whatever. I. DON'T. CARE.

I DO care that the UA FT community is aware of this information.
Best, Dave

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