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Originally Posted by freeupgrade View Post
I am furious about this one - and I don't even live in ORD.

This will make HNL awards even harder to get - thanks a lot AA.

What moron in management came up with this one - geez...

While I'm not thrilled about losing (I almost feel like writing "loosing", considering how often I see that seplling here ) the route, I'm not sure too many in AA management, morons or not, are losing much sleep over the diminished AAward availability. Airlines fly routes to make money on the paying customers, not the free seats. Of course they want to keep AAward availability at a level where good customers can occasionally fly using miles, but I think it would be an even greater "moron" who kept a route going just because it made freebies easier. The planes, as MAH4546 says, are needed elsewhere.

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