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My short report

Well, we just spent a great weekend in Central California - part of it
because of an amazing service in the new IC Clement.
From the moment you step inside, stuff makes every effort to make your stay great.
Everyone seems to be very proud of the hotel. Many people are visiting
and once you checked in, they show you the hotel as well.
It's located on Cannery Row next door to the aquarium.
We were assigned a luxury suite on the 3rd floor - a great, large corner suite
with many windows and a bedroom balcony. Both rooms have a fireplace
and an LCD TV above it. Many channels in HD.
There are two bathrooms - a smaller one before the main entrance
to the living room and the main one open to the bedroom.
A lot of space. And some great views in all directions.
You can see those views on my pictures. As well as the suite.
The hotel is great, it's new and some hiccups happen - we waited almost
an hour for our breakfast the first day, but you see people trying and it's
obvious everybody is still learning. A great place for a weekend drive from LA.
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