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Originally Posted by ADKOP View Post
Well, first of all, we've both been married before. I had a large wedding that was paid for my family and I have no desire to go through that again. Since that marriage ended, I have come to have no faith in the "institution" of traditional marriage. This ceremony will simply be a legalization of a committment that was made between us a long time ago. We may not even be doing it now except that there are some legal complications we have run into not being officially married, but rather "common law" married. We simply do not feel the need to have a legal document to prove that we are committed to each other. This ceremony will not be a traditional one in that we will not recite the "traditional" wedding vows, we will write our own. Nor will there be any religious rhetoric included whatsoever. While it may be true that certain members of our families and friends may enjoy being there, it doesn't seem worth it for them to travel to NY for a ten minute ceremony, especially since we've lived together for seven years and they are already well aware of our committment to each other. I don't think it would be financially feasible for most of them anyway. However, our friends and family are all aware of our plans should they decide to surprise US. Also, they are aware that we are considering having a celebration at some point upon our return.
Great answer and a great plan! Enjoy!
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