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It depends on the agent and what sort of overides they may get from certain carriers. If they ticket on that carriers plate, then they get a bigger "cut" or commission from that carrier. Some of them will pass that on to you in the form of a lower fare. (Totally messy process though, these RTW's with prorating and the suchlike! ).

An alternate scenario is some agents with a price beat guarantee or similar, will take a smaller slice of the regular commission they get in order to be able to offer a lower price. EG - the published fare is 2729.00, the agent gets let's say 7% commission so that's about 191.00. They may drop the "published" price and offer you a fare at 2689.00 or 40.00 off, so they only pocket 151.00. Regular commission levels, like overides, vary from carrier to carrier. While one Star partner may offer 7% another one may only offer 5% to further explain why some discounts aren't as much as others.
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