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Few questions:

1. How senior does one be to fly A333 out of CLT? CLT-FRA or CLT-LGW. (One very nice f/a flying on B767 the other day told me that at 29 years of seniority she rarely gets to fly it but recently she was lucky she even got to be CSD. But that are few and far apart opportunities for her.)

2. You said clock for f/a starts when doors close. What do you mean? Their flying time clock or on-the-job clock? Are you saying that f/a that helps boarding then leaves for another a/c (I've seen it happen) doesn't get paid for that time in at all?

3. I would like to offer you flight92 and to galleywench a/b (one each) for your service here. However not sure what to do since I don't know what to write on it so it gets to the right person. I can leave it at CLT club on my next flight out but again not sure how the ladies at the club would get it to you. (I know you guys are sensitive about your identifying information and I respect that.) I would encourage other FFers here to do the same if they come up with a way to give them a/b for their service here without compromising their safety. (You two are the only ones that I know that are employees and helpful. Others might be helpful but I don't know you are employees for which I apologize.)
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