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Originally Posted by wanaflyforless View Post
Neither elites nor recently married folks are entitled to upgrades.
I agree that honeymooners are not entitled to upgrades but if elites are not entitled either, can you please explain why AA maintains waitlists from which it processes upgrades for elite travelers?

Originally Posted by wanaflyforless View Post
We elites already have tons of advantages. We are able to advance confirm VIP upgrades, get upgraded domestically 80% of the time...
Huh? You just contradicted your previous statement.

Originally Posted by wanaflyforless View Post
Why not let someone else try for a .05% chance at a free upgrade once or twice a lifetime?
No one's stopping anyone from trying. But once more, I'm confused by your statements.

You seem to be genuinely concerned for the OP and want him and his new bride to be upgraded. If that's so, then I am having a hard time understanding your stance on this. You keep insisting that the OP should hold out for an op-up (as if we could stop him) that even you have admitted is quite a longshot. If the point of this thread is to actually get the OP into F, it seems like you would be supporting some of the practical advice that has been offered rather than condemning it.

Originally Posted by wanaflyforless
I will lead by example.
Good grief. While you've been pontificating, several here have actually been trying to constructively help the OP. One kind soul (probably one of those entitled-feeling elites) even looked up Z availbility for the OP on the outbound and stated he'd have done so on the return had he known the correct date.

Edited to add:

Originally Posted by wanaflyforless View Post
I will offer my OP UP - no miles paid by anyone - to honeymooners if there are any in the gate area.
My hero.
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