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Sorry to rain on the parade here.... First read Landing Gear's post.

Note... The line at the Municipal Building alone can take 1/2 to 1 hour just to get in the building. THe lines plural to get the license are always long and they work VERY slowly... THis is the MUNICIPAL building..

Supreme Court has long lines for security and you first have to go to the pro se clerk with a motion prepared ahead of time for the waiver. Think notaries , affidavits etc. Then it is submitted to a clerk who review it and sends it to a Judge who may or may not even read it for hours or tell you to come back the next day. Forget pleading for time. THis is not a priority case. Besides what are the grounds for such a waiver? Why would a judge sign it.

After you get the "waiver" it is back downstairs to have it entered.

Most important question Who is the "civil officiant" that will perform the marriage. Certainly not the city clerk, they will not leave the Municipal Building. You would have to arrange ahead of time for someone capable of performing the ceremony..
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