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Originally Posted by stevenshev View Post
Actually, I'd do the car service. Having arrived into that heliport a few times, it's a trek to get to the subway. Have a car waiting for you (or you really should be able to find a cab sans much ado) have it take you up the FDR to the BB exit, and you should be able to get right off at the top of Park Row, seconds away from your destination. Better yet, hire a car (or a limo!, I know a great Maybach service) for the 3 hours, and have it wait for you at each point.
The concern is that in the area of 1 Centre is very hard to navigate by car, and there aren't very many places where a car can wait. Many streets around there are closed to traffic for security purposes (NYPD HQ and many courthouses are located there), so a wrong turn in a car can easily send you to Chinatown or Brooklyn, whereas if you're on foot, it's pretty easy to get around (and often faster).

While I would consider taking a car service from the heliport up to the part of Park Row that's open to cars (by J&R Music World--not the part behind 1 Centre, which is closed), I would definitely recommend walking from 1 Centre to the courthouse and then to the bridge rather than trying to have a car navigate that tangle of jam-packed streets. And walking+subway from the heliport to 1 Centre will actually probably be faster than taking a car. The car would just be for convenience.
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