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Originally Posted by ijgordon View Post
Now I'm starting to get offended. This puritanical country/government won't let me get "married" to the love of my life, the person who I believe most deserves to sit in F. I'm sure you didn't intend your post to be one that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation, but just step back and think about all the benefits that you will get through a legal marriage vs. what I cannot get, and then tell me that this idea you should get preferential treatment for upgrades isn't just another stick in my eye.
Ah yes, but we sometimes get special treatment form our male FAs, so I don't know if we can complain too much in this particular area. And on that note...

Originally Posted by Landing Gear View Post
My seatmate once was a male model who was constantly being hit on by a couple of FAs and it certainly annoyed both of us rather than doing anything to enhance the trip.
When's the next fashion week; I need to book my F ticket. I'll keep the FAs from annoying him.

Originally Posted by Landing Gear View Post
Next, the AA check in counter at PHX is staffed by such miserable wretches that on leaving the counter, one finds the TSA guys to the left screening checked bags to be nice.
So true!
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