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Originally Posted by azmojo View Post
Thanks for the replies...

I'm not trying to get away with anything, I didn't mean the strict definitition of the word finagle.
Well, be more careful with word choice next time. In the absence of sensing verbal tone/cues, all we have on these message boards are the words we choose and what they mean. It's soooo easy to misconstrue a post. Just a word of warning.
Why does she deserve F? Because she's the most special person in the world... to me anyway.
If she's the most special person to YOU then YOU need to pay the $ or money to get her up front. She is no more special to AA then the next lady, and probably less so from lack of status.

But does AA deserve the $4,000 difference in price?
As was kind of hinted at, this price difference is irrelevant for you if you are on award tickets. You can try to redeposit your J award and redeem an F award, it's, what, an extra 35K miles per person, round trip? Surely she's worth that?

Originally Posted by azmojo View Post
Certainly being newlyweds is *a* reason, but it may not be the best reason. If they have to give an op-up out, better to give it to newlyweds than random guy, don't you think?
Now I'm starting to get offended. This puritanical country/government won't let me get "married" to the love of my life, the person who I believe most deserves to sit in F. I'm sure you didn't intend your post to be one that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation, but just step back and think about all the benefits that you will get through a legal marriage vs. what I cannot get, and then tell me that this idea you should get preferential treatment for upgrades isn't just another stick in my eye. Again, I'm sure you didn't intend this, but it's not so far-fetched to be construed as such. Apologies for the rant. People looking to finagle the system while simultaneously rubbing their heterosexuality in my face just gets to me.

As far as the hotel, we don't really care about the room. A big room would just be a waste. All we want is a clean place to sleep and shower.
OK, well all else aside, I think your priorities are totally out of whack.
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