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We were upgraded by the FA, in flight, on our honeymoon.

Admittedly, it was just SFO-LAX, but that's not the point here, no is it!

Anyway, in the 90s I found I was able to get my entire family upgraded a number of times to/from Hawaii just by befriending/charming a GA. Mentioning I am a fellow aviator (commercial pilot) may have had something to do with it. It happened so often that on one occasion that we did not get upgraded my daughter (then 4) said nice and loud from across the aisle "Daddy, why are the seats so small and the food so yucky back here?" I slumped a little in my seat as she has said it lourd enough for eveyone within three rows to hear. Ah--sweet memories. I have not tried that route for a while. I should see if it still works--or have I lost my charm?

Anyway--best of luck to you and congratulations! You are right. Your bride deserves first class! But where are you gonna sit?

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