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He11 No

Originally Posted by azmojo View Post
If they have to give an op-up out, better to give it to newlyweds than random guy, don't you think? As others have shrared, they have gotten free things (champagne) for being newlyweds, so why not an op up?
I know I sure wouldn't want to be the guy ( on a paid J and as an EXP) who didn't get the op up so they could give a HM couple the Op up.. beyond a congrats I don't see any reason the HM couple (in this identical situation) should go in the queue ahead of any elite (paid or award)

btw you are only as young and cute as the GA thinks you are; they may be younger, cuter etc and find you less than desirable.. I'm not sure why (this goes beyond the OP) everyone thinks that their wedding, anniv etc should put them ahead of everyone else for upgrades (air/land).. yeah its your big day, but its no bigger than mine (to me) if I don't know you

We are going to Europe this summer in F (as thats what I think the family are worth); i've already seen where you put a price on the bride.. its J.. as you didn't pony up for F.. I would never make this comment but you stated she is worth F but didn't pony up for it and are now trying to finagle you way up there.. its one thing to ask (hey who wouldn't) but to finagle.. well you have seen the results
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