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Originally Posted by satori View Post
Regency Club reopened on Wednesday, March 26. I was there yesterday afternoon as a photographer staged a professional film shoot of the remodeled lounge and the attendants liberally sprayed Pledge on all the tables in the room for a strongly scented experience.

The Regency Club is in the former Equinox restaurant on top of the hotel. The large circular building on top of the Hyatt with its glass window views of the financial district and Bay views no longer rotates. There is seating around the 360 degree perimeter of the room, a concierge, and Regency Club breakfast, mid-day snack, evening cocktails and appetizers, and late evening dessert presentations. The roof top room offers fine views of the San Francisco Bay and Bay Bridge. There is wifi and two computer stations in the lounge.

Floors 15, 16, and 17 have remodeled rooms with nice furnishings and a walk-in shower stall. One of the most intriguing features of the newly designed room is a TV embedded within the bathroom mirror. Very cool.

Guests were being offered $75 upgrade option at check-in, however, online the cost for Regency Club room tends to be only $50 more than lowest rate.
I had not seen this when I checked in yesterday and so was delighted to be told there was a new RC; the lobby area they used previously that masqueraded as an RC was pretty pathetic. I wasn't able to sample the evening cocktail hour, but breakfast had a very nice, and for a US club, lavish spread: not just smoked salmon, but herring as well, processed meats, and hard-boiled eggs. The fruit looked fresh and the cantaloupe actually taste like cantaloupe. Coupled with the spectacular views, this makes it one of my favorite RC's.
Not all the rooms on those floors have been redone, apparently. I did not ahve a stall shower or TV in the bathroom.
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