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LH-SK-AY: BAH-FRA-OSL-HEL (Delay, VDB, Lost luggage)

Few weeks ago on SAT I was coming ex-BAH via FRA to HEL.

Things didn't quite go according to the original plan - but even better (at least for FTer like me )!

The LH flight was supposed to leave 2.50 am from BAH. Off I went to the nice DC-card contract lounge (which was used by the LH as well).

Boarding started on time and everybody was on board on time and the safety video was on. I was lucky again to get the M-class exit seat with next seat unoccupied on this not yet PTVed A343 -just like on the way to BAH. The safety demo was shown and everything was ready except few luggage was to be loaded still.

This is when the problem started. The cargo door status indicator had a problem - it showed the door was unlocked although the door was closed. It took just over three hours to fix the problem. I was lucky since the crew was really nice. They had to keep one of the exists occupied during the problem was fixed. For some reason they chose the jumper seat opposite to me. This gave me a good chance to chat with crew and I had such a good time with them.

Since it took so long to fix the problem the night snack (sandwich) with drinks was served on the ground (even alcohol was served on the ground). I had my regular gt and a beer. Soon the problem was fixed and they collected all the trash. On take off I still had a half mug of gt left - I joked to the young female FA that it was my first time with a gt on take off. She was laughing with tears in her eyes.

Anyways - naturally I missed my original LH connection to HEL. I knew that if I'd ask LH to book on the SK flight they would book me to Y instead of punishment class. LH had booked me to a direct LH flight to HEL with five hour layover in FRA. I thought this was my chance to fly SK for a long time. Got to the LH ticketing and asked if they would book me to SK flight. The agent told me all the SK flights via ARN and CPH to HEL were fully booked. For some reason she managed to book in FRA-CPH after all but in punishment class. She told me that reservation was in Y but she could only give me M-class seat and that the gate could work it out for me.

At gate they were able to give me Y-seat and I was happy. Boarding started I didn't want to go rushing to the plane and just stayed around the gate desk. As everyone had almost boarded the GA suddenly said: "Oh it seems like we need some volunteers". Since I was already next to the gate desk I was yes I volunteer. I was able to negotiate a C-class ticket FRA-OSL with BU/SK and then in Y-class OSL-HEL with AY with the 250e/500e SK travel voucher in my pocket.

It turned out there was 17 pax coming from Denver who had just made it to the CPH flight and this caused the fuss. Three pax had to IDB. It was interesting to see the I-need-to-get-to-CPH-now-show the three pax were playing with the LH flight manager (didn't help).

The service in C was nice as always with plenty of Nicolas flowing to my Orrefors class. Only few pax were drinking alcohol and I noticed they came first only with mineral water and OJ after they had handed out the hot meal.

In OSL I was lucky to get to the SK lounge and even more surprisingly a Finnish friend of mine was taking the same AY OSL-HEL flight with me.

Naturally more bubbly was served to me and my friend in the back of the lovely Embraer 170.

In HEL I found out the luggage was gone - I didn't care. In three days we were united again anyway.

Conclusion: Could traveling get any better .
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