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Thanks for all the suggestions guys (and gals)!

I did call the hotel directly this morning and they were really nice and said that no charges has been made - it would've been only charge when I arrive anyways, she said (which is contrary to what the website says when I cancelled).

But to clear things up, I did NOT book the "Internet Only Rates - Fully Prepaid, Cancel Rules Apply, No Changes Allowed" rate. That was the one thing I did check before I submitted. Right after I submitted, I cancelled the reservation online. THEN I called the 888#. First I asked her if I could get out of the cancellation penalty because it was an accident, she said no. I asked if I could move the reservation to the date I actually wanted, and she proceeded to try to book me a NEW reservation. When I was confused when she asked whether I want to use points or pay - I asked her again if this is for moving the reservation and if so, I should just pay the difference. She rudely cut me off and said that that old reservation is history and there's nothing she could do for it.
If she just told me to call the hotel directly, it would've been sufficient for me, rather than the attitude that she gave me.

You guys are a much better CS agent..
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